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Relaxed skin, yellowing and moisture

Skin sagging, yellowing, and moisture

Click to buy Everyone should be alert if you find that your skin is slack and your face is yellowing. This may be a sign of excessive moisture in the body. How can you tell if you have heavy moisture and how to get rid of it by diet?

Let’s take a look at it, so that you can maintain your health.

  How to tell if you are wet?

  1. The temper is particularly emotional, and the temper is very difficult to control. The self-perceived self-cultivation is not good, and the self-blame is strong after the anger. In fact, this is also a sign of spleen deficiency.

  2. Swelling. Eyes swell up in the morning and the body is inexplicably swollen.

It looks as if he is over ten kilos fat.

In fact, edema and edema are caused by spleen deficiency and the water in the body cannot be successfully converted into body fluids, which cannot be ruled out in time.

  3, low tolerance, cold resistance in winter, intolerance in summer, often in a state of low blood pressure, easy constipation or long-term stool does not form, easy to get sick when encountering wind and grass movement, feel sleepy after eating.

  4. Slack skin is loose and lacks elasticity.

The spleen is in the main muscle of the body, and the temper is natural and firm.

A fragile person usually has loose skin.

  5, dull skin is yellow, dull, and becomes a veritable “yellow face woman”.

  6, back pain, seizures, dizziness, these are actually mostly symptoms of spleen deficiency and wetness.

Because of the weakness of the spleen, the metabolism of water is slow, and the water in the body accumulates in some parts of the body during sleep, causing compression and pain.

Many people’s lumbar pain is not the cause of bones, but more likely to be tenderness caused by water.

  7, worrying because of the troubled heart, or worry, worry about things, like Lin Daiyu, every day worrying about sorrow, sighing.

Some people do n’t think about tea, they do n’t want to eat rice, and it ‘s difficult to digest even if they eat. Some people also overeating, which can cause damage to the spleen.

  8. Weak self feels weak, weak, easily fatigued, can’t keep up the spirit, has bad appetite, it is difficult to digest something.

  9, boring to get up early in the morning, sleep for 8 hours, still feel sleepy, strong spirits still do not feel enough sleep after getting up.

  10. Sleep quality Poor sleep quality and light sleep.

Dreams are easy to wake up at night, and I can’t get up happily in the morning.

  What is good for women with heavy moisture1. Women who are wet and heavy can eat sweets properly, but need more healthy sweets to enter the spleen. Sweet foods have good health effects on the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, eating a moderate amount of sweet food not only supplements the spleen, but also brings us a sense of joy.

And if a person is in a good mood, her digestive and absorption system will become better.

  2. Wet heavy women can eat fruit but don’t be greedy. Now many women use fruits instead of staple food for a long time to lose weight. They even hardly eat any other food, which is very unhealthy.

Because the most supportive is actually grains and cereals, too many fruits are cold, such as watermelon, pear, banana and so on.

Women with wet and spleen deficiency should not eat too many fruits. If they eat, they should also eat fruits such as peaches, apples, citrus, apricots, plums, etc., which have less damage to the spleen and stomach.

Furthermore, it may be beneficial to eat the fruit after it is cooked.

  3. Wet heavy women who eat meat should pay more attention to their choices when eating meat.

Wet women should usually eat cold foods such as sashimi, shrimp, and crab.

  4, choose the right staple food, more wet and wet women as soon as possible to add wet weight perfusion Chinese medicine believes: hot noodles cold.

People with a bad spleen and stomach should usually use pasta as their main staple food, especially batter, such as steamed bread and bread, which are better choices to nourish the spleen and stomach than rice.

  I hope everyone can take care of their body when the humidity is heavy, and wish everyone good health.

Medicine and food are the same as medicine

Medicine and food are the same as medicine

In life, reduce food and medicine homology, that is, some foods are also traditional Chinese medicine.

Therefore, people should pay attention to the comprehensive and balanced nutrition in the diet, and pay attention to the scientific combination of mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and try to use food instead of drugs to regulate physical functions.

Let’s take a look at how the foods are compatible, eat the healthiest, and help health.

  Pork waist + fungus has a good adjuvant treatment for chronic illness, kidney deficiency, and low back pain.

  Water spinach and peppercorns contain vitamins and minerals, which can lower blood pressure, relieve headaches, detoxify and reduce swelling, and diabetes.

  Chicken + cauliflower strengthens qi and bones, resists aging, detoxifies, improves immunity, and prevents colds.

  Rape + shrimp improves calcium, kidney and aphrodisiac, and has effect on waist and leg pain.

  Cauliflower + tomato Cauliflower combined with tomatoes produced by heating to produce lycopene can enhance the anti-toxic ability, and has an auxiliary treatment effect on gastric ulcers, constipation, periodontitis, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

  Tremella + fungus nourish the kidney, moisturize the lungs and rejuvenate, refreshing, and have adjunctive effects on chronic bronchitis, chronic heart disease, weak body, kidney deficiency and low back pain.

  Leek + mung bean sprouts detoxify and detoxify qi and disperse blood, which has the effect of relieving human body’s heat and tonic, and has the effect of weight loss.

  Lettuce + fungus enhances appetite, stimulates digestion, and has complications for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

  Celery + tomato celery and tomatoes produced by heating to produce lycopene can lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, and strengthen the stomach and digestion.

  Egg + bitter gourd is good for bone, teeth and blood vessel health, and is good for stomachache, eye pain, cold typhoid, diarrhea and vomiting in children.

  Pork + white radish strengthens the spleen and moisturizes, relieves phlegm, smoothes air, diuretic, anti-cancer, digestion, digestion, and stagnation.

  Garlic + lettuce raw food is oxidized in the air to produce allicin powder. Garlic can sterilize and anti-inflammatory, and it can reduce blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar, heat, and prevent gum bleeding when combined with lettuce.

  Shrimp + leek flower is rich in minerals and vitamins, which can treat night blindness, dry eye disease, sterilization and deworming, and constipation.

  Tofu + lettuce has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, whitening and weight loss.

  Fungus + kelp is used to treat thyroid disease, lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, detoxify laxatives, lose weight, and replenish shengjin.

  Mushroom + tofu clears heat and detoxifies, replenishes qi and vitality, dissolves phlegm and qi, fights cancer, lowers blood fat, and blood pressure.

  Green garlic seedlings + dried tofu are beneficial to the spleen and stomach, sterilize and anti-inflammatory, and have the functions of hair growth and inhibition of diffusion.

  Green garlic sprouts + lettuce go through the meridians, clean the teeth and clear the heat and detoxify, and lower blood pressure.

  Spinach + carrot reduces stroke and prevents plasma from depositing in blood vessels. It is the best choice to prevent stroke.

  Lamb + coriander is suitable for those who are weak, lack of yang, cold, impotence and other symptoms.

  Sesame + Kelp can hydrolyze beauty and anti-aging effect.

  Mutton + wolfberry is suitable for kidney essence failure, lumbar pain, and sexual dysfunction.

  Egg + leek tonic kidney, qi and pain, impotence diuretic, have certain effects on kidney deficiency, hemorrhoids and acute stomach pain.

  Flammulina velutipes + tofu has a significant inhibitory effect on soybeans, lowers blood pressure and lowers blood lipids.

  Green pepper + yellow mullet contains protein, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients. People with type 2 diabetes eat 60?
90 grams of sturgeon meat, for 1 month, showed a drop in blood sugar and a decrease in urine sugar.

  Potato + bean beans calm the mind, regulate the digestive system, eliminate the fullness of the chest septum, can cause acute gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea.

  Mustard + soybean sprouts can help digestion, increase appetite, prevent blood vessel hardening, and lower cholesterol.

  Bitter melon + eggplant is an ideal food for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Bitter melon can increase appetite, cool eyesight, detoxify, diuretic, promote sugar breakdown, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, improve slight balance, and is one of the best foods for patients with diabetes and cancer.

  Pork + Taro prevents diabetes.

  Sweet potato + lotus seed porridge suffers from habitual constipation, chronic liver disease, and cancer.

  Lily + egg has the effect of nourishing yin, moisturizing, refreshing and soothing.

  Carp + rice vinegar has a great effect on dampness.

  Pork + garlic eliminates physical fatigue and enhances physical fitness.

  Chicken + chestnuts Old hen simmers chestnuts to nourish the spleen and blood.
  Lamb + Ginger Lamb fills the sun and warms the body, ginger drives the cold and keeps warm, matches each other, warms up on the warmth, and even drives away external evils, so as to cure cold and abdominal pain.
  Duck meat + yam old duck tonifying yin can increase heat and relieve cough, and the yam’s tonifying yin is stronger. If they are eaten together, the effect of nourishing lungs is better.

You can know your baby’s gender without B-ultrasound

You can know your baby’s gender without B-ultrasound

Experienced mothers are always “smart-eyed.” Seeing expectant mothers can’t help but enthusiastically help the baby in the belly is a man or a woman . Some people say that expectant mothers have a sharp belly and a boy.Yuanyuan is a girl. Can you guess whether the baby in their stomach is a man or a woman?

  Folklore research: Gender objectiveness is also an experience sharing. Folklorist Chen said that although there is no scientific basis for determining the gender contradiction of body weight using scientific methods, such a guess also has a certain accuracy rate, so it can be described as an experience.share it.

Professor Chen also introduced that in the previous history books, there is a “Ming and Child Watch of the Qing Dynasty Collection”, which has a history of 300 years. It is based on the interpretation of the five elements of the yin and yang, and the gossip, and it is calculated for the time.Concubine is used, and the accuracy is quite high.

In fact, the gender speculation of gender has not only spread widely in China, but also has related customs abroad.

For example, in the ancient American customs, there is a saying: when pregnant women think that pregnant women often do “exercise” in the belly, 80% of them are boys; when the fetus is a girl, blood spots appear above the eyes of the pregnant woman, and the nose will expand.

There is also a test method. If you hang any small thing on the upper end of the belly, if it is turned clockwise, it will be a girl; if it is turned counterclockwise, it will be a boy.

  Some books have helpful records that people will make predictions about the sex of the fetus based on fetal position, fetal movement frequency, belly shape and other characteristics.

For example, if the upper position is a girl, the lower position is a boy; when listening to the music melody, the fetal movement is obvious to the girl, and the quiet appreciation is the boy; the girl who likes to stay on the left side of the abdomen is the girl;Girls who have faster heartbeats are boys, while boys are the opposite. Boys whose stomachs are shaped like a basketball are boys; girls who are shaped like a watermelon are of course . Of course, the Chinese often say “belly tip, round belly”Watt” and other various expressions, a variety of, very interesting.

  Medical advice: Gender crime leads the international trend. For this old experience of gender forecasting, Professor Chang Cai, an obstetric expert, has proposed a new international perspective. Although the accuracy of scientific gender inspection is very high, it is not skilled enough.Under conditions, it is also likely to hurt the baby.

Therefore, it is not just ordinary people who are interested in the old experience prediction method. Even medical professionals hope to use the rule of thumb to predict the sex of the baby.

  The latest research report of the international authoritative medical journal “Acupuncture Needles” shows that in the early stages of pregnancy, the morning sickness becomes more serious, and the opportunity for giving birth to a baby is just that.

Swedish researchers conducted a survey based on records of babies and pregnant women born between 1987 and 1995. Of the more than one million babies born during this period, 51% were girls and 49% were boys.

The researchers then surveyed 5,900 pregnant women who were admitted to the hospital because of severe discomfort during the first trimester of pregnancy, and found that these pregnant women gave birth to 56% of female babies and 44% of male babies.

However, for pregnant women who are seriously displeased in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the sex ratio of their babies is similar to the normal distribution ratio.

  Although the results of these studies have been recognized by the medical community, Dr. Chang still recommends that expectant mothers should follow the doctor’s instructions and conduct regular health checks to keep track of the status of the mother and baby at all times, so as to ensure the safety of the mother and child.

The health of pregnant women and fetuses is far more important than the sex of the target weight!

  Exploring the Mystery of Women Having Boys A British study shows that women who believe they will make long hits and who are optimistic are likely to have boys.

Researchers have found that the more women find themselves living longer, the better their chance of having a first child.

The findings suggest that, at least in some regions, perceptions of future prospects are affecting the sex ratio of the region’s population.

Researchers also say that women who are healthy and have a good life and eat a lot of food often have boys, while poor women often have girls.

  The latest study, published in Biologyletter, showed that 609 mothers in Gloucestershire were surveyed.

One question is “how long do they expect to live?”

Some women from the lower and middle classes and working backgrounds believe that they will only live to the age of 40, while others believe that they will live to the age of 130.

  Dr. Johns believes that the link between the age at which longevity is expected and the sex of a woman’s first child can be attributed to a “selfish” behavior of the human gene.

Evolutionary biologists call this phenomenon the Treves-Willard hypothesis.

That is, when a mother lives under stress, including poor physical condition, poor living conditions, and lack of food, the biological induction in the mother’s body will cause her to give birth to a girl instead of a boy.

  However, the results of this recent study do not mean that women can change the sex of their first child by changing their perspective on the future.

Dr. Johns said, but the findings do suggest that infant sex is linked to motherhood.

You can see this in the modern population, which is shocking.

Robin Robin, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Liverpool, said the study was interesting, but biologists haven’t fully understood why this happens.

Psychodialysis and grooming of networm in middle school students_1

Psychological analysis and guidance of “networm” for middle school students

What do middle school students go online?
Surveys show that the main purpose of surfing the Internet is to play games, entertain, chat and send E-mail.
What makes the students so obsessed with the Internet?
There are several mentalities that are worth studying by our educators: 1. Dependence on psychology and Internet addiction.
  Adolescents are the main users of the current “Internet clan”. They have poor self-control and discrimination capabilities. They are deeply attracted to see the various virtual societies on the Internet.
  2, loneliness and social phobia.
  If you deal with computer terminals all day long, and lack of a living, emotional, and physical connection, it will easily lead to a decline in communication ability, resulting in health problems such as tension, loneliness and indifference.
  3, ambivalence and network anxiety.
  The Internet is endless and changing rapidly. Teenagers expect to master it and use it, but they can easily feel their smallness and incompetence, can not adapt to difficulties, and appear anxious, distressed, and depressed in the Internet-adolescent youth.
  4. Anomie psychology and internet diffuse disease.
  The network uses a decentralized structure system, which is uncontrollable.
Adolescents are apt to form an out-of-standard psychology that deviates from social norms, and even cause online derailment.
  From the above psychological analysis of networms, the cause of “networms” addiction is mainly psychological, unlike the traditional drug addiction that affects people physiologically.
Therefore, the traditional forbidden method should not be adopted, not by blocking but by dredging and guiding.
The countermeasures are as follows: 之一 One of the countermeasures: Actively guide students to use the Internet correctly.
Expert teachers can be invited to open Internet knowledge discussions for students and go to Health Network.
Online theme activities can be carried out regularly to guide teachers and students’ good habits of surfing the Internet.
Develop psychological guidance on the Internet and promote the correct Internet mentality so that they can correctly understand the gap between the “Internet world” and the “real world”.
  Countermeasure 2: Strengthen quality education and moral education, and keep students away from black Internet cafes.
It is necessary to continuously strengthen the education of students on morals, the legal system, and beliefs, enhance the ability of students to distinguish right from wrong, and resolutely resist the temptation of Internet junk to prevent the emergence of bad thinking tendencies.
  Third solution: Develop more healthy and useful psychological websites to provide psychological services and treatments.
  Countermeasure 4: Strengthen the awareness of psychological precautions and improve psychological “immunity.”
We should also improve our legal awareness of observing the rules of the Internet “game” and be a good netizen in compliance with the law and discipline.
  Countermeasure five: Improve the norms and laws of civilized behavior on the Internet, and form a healthy and leading mentality.
  Countermeasure 6: Cultivate a new type of psychological counseling team that understands both psychological art and network information technology, and develop psychological counseling activities.
  The popularity of computers, the development of multimedia technology, and the rapid growth of Internet use have brought us new opportunities.
In this competition, only when we meet the challenges of the information age with a healthy, passionate and open mind, can we make our basic education more successful and less failed.

Acupuncture and massage to relieve psoriasis

Acupuncture and massage to relieve psoriasis

Chinese medicine believes that psoriasis due to camp-defense disorders, invasion of wind evil, internal injuries, qi and blood stasis, eating disorders, spleen and stomach disorders, accumulation, qi and blood stasis, blood deficiency and irritability, skin insufficiency, can not be vented outside,Insufficient guidance, qi and blood impede growth on the muscle surface.

In terms of treatment, medication is mainly used to relieve the condition, and acupuncture and massage therapy are also used to assist the treatment.

  I. Acupuncture treatment 1. Acupuncture uses a single method for the specific operation of this disease, most of which are a combination of multiple methods, specifically: acupuncture, bloodletting, puncture, injection, etc.Common needle acupuncture and puncture bloodletting.

Among them, acupuncture includes triangulation, acupuncture, and acupuncture, and various therapies have good clinical effects.

This therapy has a better effect on progressive psoriasis. Although there are adverse reactions during the treatment, it does not affect the treatment.

  Through clinical practice, acupuncture treatment has certain advantages in the treatment of psoriasis, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) has overall regulation; (2) acupuncture treatment has almost no adverse reactions; acupuncture massage (3) acupuncture treatment has the mostGood indications; (4) Acupuncture has a certain long-term effect.

  Second, massage treatment ① Hold the palm or brush along the Yangming stomach meridian of the psoriasis patient’s foot, rub 10 times from the top to the bottom, and press and rub in Zusanli acupoint for half a minute, with acid swelling as the degree.

  ② Use your fingers to rub from the wrist to the fingertips of the psoriasis patient along the large intestine meridian of the hand, the triple burner meridian of the hand, and the small intestine meridian of the hand.

Brush the outside of the wrist of the psoriasis patient 5 times vertically with a hair brush.

  ③ Gently rub the bottom of the foot Yangming Stomach Meridian from the psoriasis patient, and rub the patients with psoriasis Taixi, Sanyinjiao, Yinmen acupoints for one minute each, and press the Shenshu for one minute.The degree of acid swelling is better than rubbing the spring to heat.

  In addition to the above therapies, there are many ways to treat psoriasis in traditional Chinese medicine, but so far, no treatment has been found to completely eradicate psoriasis.

At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine treatment generally pays attention to both the symptoms and the symptoms, so it is not as effective as Western medicine in terms of treatment, but it has little toxic and side effects as cited by Western medicine, so it is widely respected by patients.

Test: How difficult is your love?

Test: How difficult is your love?

Translation: What kind of ingredients do you like the most when eating spicy pot?


Various meats B.

Pig blood or visceral class C.

Mushroom or seafood D.

Tofu or greens A.

Choosing “all kinds of meat” you always love wrong, so you often make you cry.

  50% of disaster index of love: This type of person loves face very much. If they love someone, they will love each other very much, but if they are in a small state, they will act impulsively. If the other person does not want to recoverAt this time, he would secretly shed tears and suffer internal injuries.


If you choose “pig blood or internal organs”, you will be an emotional victim.

  The index of love disasters is 99%: this type of person is more perfect in the personality of love, can see a lot of situations, at this time he will hesitate in the heart whether or not to be with each other, but the heart is very soft, the otherIf you are good to yourself and refuse to refuse, in this case make yourself very tormented.


The rumors of choosing “mushrooms or seafood” are so misleading that you get crazy.

  The index of love disasters is 80%: This type of heterosexuality is too good, and it is easy to get noticed in the group, but when it is noticed, it will provoke a lot of three aunts and six wives to speak bad words nearby, making them very angry.


Choosing “Tofu or Greens” If you currently want to live a bland life, you know how to avoid evil.

  Love disaster index is 20%: This type of person spends a lot of time on work or life, and his mood has already stopped. Friends or life is the most important thing.

Fitness requires a reasonable diet

Fitness requires a reasonable diet

40-year-old men should pay attention to fitness diet. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce salt intake. Men in fitness should pay particular attention to light diet.

If it is a man who is working out for weight loss, he should eat more glucose foods. With the intervention of compounds, the fitness will be effective.

  Fitness also requires a reasonable diet. Paying attention to fitness without paying attention to diet cannot guarantee results. Due to Chinese living habits and entertainment, men are prone to “general belly”.

  Scientific research proves that people need about 6g of salt a day. Compared to the North, where the diet is very light, people eat 11g of salt a day, and the taste of Shandong cuisine is heavy, and the intake of salt and oil is sure.More.

And the large intake of salt may not only make people fat, but also adversely affect the heart and kidneys.

  Of course, a light diet does not mean that you don’t pay attention to nutrition. Experts list a recommended recipe: Breakfast: an egg, a glass of skim milk.

  Lunch: light meals, eat some beef and lamb appropriately, try not to drink.

  Dinner: If you exercise at around 6 o’clock, you can add a proper meal at 4 o’clock.

Have dinner after 8 o’clock after exercise. If you are not hungry, you can eat some fruits.

  It is also important to pay attention not to use fruit as the main food, nor to affect any meal due to any food or fruit. You can eat less and eat lighter meals, but you must not eat it. Reasonable staple food and reasonable training, you can get the best fitness after rest.effect.
  It is best to go to the fitness club to find a dedicated fitness instructor to guide you. If you choose to exercise at home, such as walking, speed up and down the stairs, and continue for 25 minutes without interruption can be considered aerobic exercise. After 25 minutes, slow down and maintain the speed to 5 toJust 10 minutes, don’t stop in the middle.

In addition, such as sit-ups, push-ups, etc. can exercise muscles.

No matter what exercise you do, you should have aerobic first, and then do local training, so the effect is better, otherwise it is not effective to do only local and not aerobic.

In addition, you must pay attention to the correct posture during exercise, otherwise it will cause harm to the body.

  40-year-old men should pay attention to fitness diet. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce salt intake. Men in fitness should pay particular attention to light diet.

If it is a man who is working out for weight loss, he should eat more glucose foods. With the intervention of compounds, the fitness will be effective.

Test you should be careful with the villain around you

Test you should be careful with the villain around you

Translation: What kind of writer would you choose to become if you were to be an author?

  A prose poetry writer, famous for beautiful writing, B novel writer, the goal is to create a blockbuster best-selling novel like Harry Potter. C is famous for both talent and beauty. The personal exposure rate is much higher than the worksThe exposure rate D is well-known for writing bitter comments. The results of the essay test: A friend who chooses this option, you must be careful of those who look “naive” at first glance and speak stubbornly.Little woman, you can easily treat such pretending women as “owners” and talk to them without saying anything.

But in fact, they and you are two types of people. When there is a conflict of interest, the first thing they think of is to sacrifice you. Because of their knowledge, they want to frame you is easy.

  B Friends who choose this option, suggest that you keep a distance from women who are savvy.

It ‘s easy for you to be seduced by some “smart” women who do n’t have their own minds. Some people think they need you as a green leaf for people who do n’t look so smart, so that they also need you who are not as alert as their backup.”Cannon fodder”, when you meet some kind of “friend”, observe the opinions and evaluations of others around her. Unless you know the character of the other person very well, or she is really a super nice person, you are bestTake a detour.

  CChoose friends with this option, be careful of the sexy beauties around you.

A friend who chooses this option usually has two situations. One is a confident beauty, and then the appearance of another sexy beauty is both to you and her.

Another situation is that you are inferior to your appearance. When you meet a beautiful woman, you completely lose confidence and feel uncomfortable with anything. If so, stay away from the beautiful womenFor those little girls who act indulgently and freely, you should stay away from them. You are cynical and responsible, and they are very unpleasant to see, and they also see youPleasingly, I would rather offend the gentleman than offend the villains, and provoke them. People like them who do things without considering the consequences say they won’t cause you much trouble.

Man monologue: I betrayed but not divorced

Man monologue: I betrayed but not divorced

Men can often tolerate women’s betrayal, but they cannot tolerate women’s physical betrayal; women can often tolerate men’s physical betrayal, but they cannot tolerate men’s betrayal.Monologue: I betrayed, but I don’t want my divorced wife to talk to me about divorce, because I brought my girlfriend I met online back home.

  My betrayal was premeditated. Time allowed marriage to be dull. I strongly hope that the love that is released is always rejected by my wife. I expect to find a breakthrough. I betrayed, but I really do not want to divorce.

  Who doesn’t want a warm and comfortable family, and who cares for a gentle and virtuous wife who still wants to have extravagance?

I want to be a normal psychological and physiological man think that the idea of divorce will never germinate easily!

  Now that I am on the verge of divorce, the fuse is on my side, but who is playing a role in fueling the ordinary life behind me?

There is no doubt my wife.

In my wife’s eyes, everything I maintained lacked correctness, which made her unsatisfactory.

My derailment was not a temporary impulse, let alone a physical temptation, but a derailment that was prepared and planned.

I want to use derailment to shock a dead marriage, so that my wife has a new understanding and a new attitude towards me.

Maybe this way looks cruel, but I do n’t think it ‘s despicable. I did n’t feel so guilty about myself because of my extramarital affairs. Instead, I felt that there was still such a beautiful and beautiful one in my own real life.Bright glow.

  It’s not her appearance that keeps attracting me.

To be honest, the proportion of her looks to my wife’s looks is exactly like the inequality in mathematics.

Her temptation to me comes from her multifaceted and profound knowledge, and her unique way of looking at things.

  Happiness sometimes makes me forget about the existence of marriage, but subconsciously tells me that marriage does exist. I am contradictory in happiness and worry about it while forgetting why.

  Later, due to work reasons, she wanted to work outside the country for a long time. After hearing the news, she felt an indescribable feeling. Was it pain or surprise?

I can’t say for myself, the pain and joy also stem from her temporary departure.

  Just after watching the plane go, I went to my wife’s house abruptly.

  Facing the wife who was in tears, and the trust and forgiveness of my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, I felt that the so-called true love thought that I had been pursuing in my inner world collapsed in an instant.

During that sensitive period, while consoling my wife home, I was busy answering my girlfriend’s phone call, and the relationship between love and affection coexisted in this way.

I hate lies, but sometimes they can really find countless reasons to save myself.

The first round trip was out of chasing love, but the current round trip was out of need of his wife.

Habitual love makes me persist in this marriage. The reason why I have persisted in this marriage is just like smokers cannot leave tobacco, and drug addicts cannot do without drugs. I cannot do without my wife. This includesMy habitual love for her.

  In fact, whether you are married or divorced is a self-choice, no one will force you behind the scenes.

“Happy is together, sad is scattered”, but when this choice is really made, I don’t know how many people will stop!

  I don’t think that when there is a dispute between husband and wife, we will always use the weapon of divorce to threaten the other party, because all our efforts are in the name of love.

I can betray because I can give something new, and it is enjoyment for a man. This is also my wish to express my wife while not wanting to divorce.

Expert analysis: what are men looking for in extramarital affairs?

  Why are men so happy and at risk, playing this balancing game?

There are five common psychological factors.

First, look for youth.

  People usually think that only women care about their age, because they are keen to cover up the traces of time through makeup, clothing and exercise.

In fact, men still care whether they are still young, energetic and attractive. These things are also a competitive capital for men.

It’s just that their desire for eternal youth is more secretive and long-term than that of women.

Why do the right men find young and beautiful lover?

They want to prove through this incident that they are still attractive and should not be underestimated.

Second, find identity.

  Usually only those rich men can find lovers. In the eyes of some people, lovers become status, part of the symbol, just like villas, famous cars, brand-name clothing, beautiful lovers seem to have live advertisements for identity men.
An ordinary employee of a junior company does not have a high income, but since he has a lover, he finds that even the manager seems to choose another one for himself.Men are far more socialized than women, and are more affected by the environment and popular concepts than women.

Third, find the mood.

  Many men are outstanding. The reason why they fall in love with their lover is because she is gentler, more beautiful and caring than her wife, so they are looking for a better woman.

In fact, what men look for in their lover is different from his wife’s femininity, style, and style. They like their partner to have a sense of mystery and seductiveness, and because the wife has lived together for a long time, they are quite familiar with each other.To their psychological needs.

Fourth, find sexual satisfaction.

  It is undeniable that sexual gratification is the biggest “harvest” of men in extramarital affairs. Most extramarital affairs, in essence, have the nature of sexual transactions.

Men with normal sexual lives treat extramarital affairs as strange, and men who are dissatisfied with sexual life transfer and vent their sexuality through extramarital affairs.

Fifth, find feelings.

  There must be some men who make their lover a better marriage partner, but some people have a relatively small proportion.

Behind the life-and-death relationship of extramarital affairs, there are quite complicated emotional backgrounds. Such an affair leads to a very high proportion of divorces.

  For the derailed man, although he said that betrayal was because of the new giving and the enjoyment for the man, in fact it was still a habit and dependence that led him not to divorce.

Who doesn’t want to have both bear’s paw and shark fin?

Maybe he has become accustomed to his wife to take care of his diet and life, has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, he just hopes to get some stimulation outside of comfort, some “vigor”.

This habit is more of a pleasure than a giving.

So this man has forgotten the obligation to marry, but just hopes to continue the rights and benefits of copyright marriage.

The best way to control appetite

The best way to control appetite

Inserting ears to control appetite According to the theory of Chinese medicine, there are several acupoints on the auricle of a person that are connected to the brain’s appetite control center. Stimulating those points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss.

  Control high blood pressure: Forefinger stops the obesity point in the right ear for 1 minute, then change the left ear to do the same.

  Principle: When the stomach and the stomach send an “I’m hungry” signal to the hypothalamus that controls appetite, people will have the desire to eat, and the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

  Avoid eating under stress: Hold the right Shenmen with your thumb and index finger for one minute, then do the same with your left ear.

  Principle: Many times people eat too much, not because the body really needs it, but because of stress.

Inserting Shenmen can soothe the body, reduce tension, and relax the nerves that stimulate appetite.

  Prolong satiety: Tap the endocrine point on the right ear for 60 times with your index finger, and repeat for the left ear.

  Principle: Prevent the endocrine point from transferring acupoints to the hypothalamus to limit the production of hormones that cause high temperature, and increase the secretion of hormones that make people feel full.

  Reduce adult accumulation in the abdomen: tap the stomach acupoint on the right ear 60 times with the little finger, and repeat for the left ear.

  Principle: Abdominal fat accumulation is caused by flatulence and indigestion. Stimulation of the stomach point can make digestive hormones active and improve digestion ability to break down excess food.

  Drink a glass of water first to make the mouth and stomach feel like something is passing. The moisture can support the stomach space, avoid obesity, and slow down the urge to eat.

  Tightening the belt, tightening the belt on the extremities can increase the pressure on the abdomen and reduce the space in the stomach. If combined with the transfer of concentration, it can effectively relieve appetite.

  Increasing the pressure of life will promote the secretion of sympathetic neurons in the brain. This endocrine will suppress appetite and promote slight burning, so often keep yourself busy and you will no longer be there!

  A cup of coffee or green tea coffee contains caffeine. Green tea contains catechins and polyphenols. These ingredients can promote metabolism, increase heat production, and help weight loss.

  Eat some fruit or sugar before meals. Research from St. George’s College of Medicine in London, England, found that everyone had glucose before meals, while the other group ate normally.

After two weeks of observation, it was found that the group who ate glucose before meals gained less weight.

It can be seen that sweets before meals can reduce appetite and avoid eating too much.

  In addition, as long as you grasp a few simple principles in life, you can take into account the quality of life and reduce the need to transfer.

These principles include: three meals a day, do not eat any snacks outside of three meals, drink soup first, then eat vegetables, and finally eat meat and rice slowly, concentrate on eating, do not gobble, use steaming, cooking, coldCook in other ways, eat less high-fat foods such as peanuts, seeds, cashews, walnuts, do n’t eat snacks or desserts, drink less sugary drinks or wine, do n’t put snacks and junk food in the office or home, and try to eat when you are not satisfiedTry sugarless gum . wait a minute.

foods that get thinner and thinner.

In addition to being rich in vitamins A, B1, and B2, the most important thing is that it is rich in cellulose and minerals, which can help to remove waste and accumulated moisture from the body, thereby reducing the effects of thin legs.


The linseed oleic acid of sesame can remove the plasma attached to the blood vessels, make the metabolism better, and make it easier to lose weight and close your legs.


Although bananas are high in calories, they are very low in trace amounts, and they are rich in potassium, full of belly and low in fat, which can reduce the accumulation of traces in the lower body. It is an ideal food for weight loss.


Apples Apples contain unique malic acid, which can accelerate metabolism and reduce the lower body’s aunt, and it contains more calcium than other fruits, which can reduce the salt of the unpleasant lower body edema.


Red beans and red beans contain the caustic acid component, which can increase the peristalsis of the large intestine, promote urination and reduce constipation, thereby clearing the lower body.


Papaya has a unique proteolytic enzyme that can remove the aunt that accumulates in the lower body due to eating meat, and the pectin contained in the papaya meat is an excellent bowel detergent, which can reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.


Watermelon is a diuretic expert in fruit. Eating more watermelon can reduce the excess water left in the body, and the sugar content is not high, and eating more will not cause fat.


Vitamin B2 in the egg helps to remove slightness. In addition, it contains nicotinic acid and vitamin B1 to remove lower body fat.


Grapefruit everyone knew early on that grapefruit is very low in calories, and it will not be fat if you eat more, but it turns out that it is also rich in potassium, which helps reduce the lower body’s aunt and moisture accumulation.

It does not contain trace amounts and is delicious. In the final analysis, it is also a must-eat for weight loss. It turns out that its rich plant fiber can make the lower body lymphatics unblocked and prevent the legs from becoming swollen.

Spinach because it can promote blood circulation, so that the legs farthest from the heart can absorb enough nutrients, balance metabolism, detoxification and thin legs are easy.


Celery Celery Cholesterol is rich in calcium, which can supplement[foot bone strength], instead of containing potassium, it can reduce the accumulation of water in the lower body.

Peanuts are extremely rich in vitamin B2 and nicotinic acid, which can bring high-quality protein, long meat without fat, and secondly, it can also eliminate the fat from the lower body.