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[Sexual taste]sweet, slightly cold, non-toxic.

  [Guijing]into the stomach.

  【Efficacy】 Stomach dehumidification, sleep peacefully, nourish kidney qi, clear away deficiency heat, and repair deficiency.

  [Indications]Insomnia of stomach, women’s leucorrhea, stomach heat, nausea, diabetes, postpartum thirst.

  [Health prescription and medicinal supplements]1.

Millet 15 grams, Pinellia 6 grams, small decoction, cure insomnia caused by weak stomach or indigestion.


Millet, 30 grams each of yellow stalk, decoction, to treat women’s leucorrhea.


Millet porridge: 15 grams of millet, 50-100 grams of rice, cooked with porridge, eaten on an empty stomach, can cure weak spleen and stomach, and lose weight.


Lamb bone corn porridge: appropriate amount of mutton bone (mashed), 5 grams of peel, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of grass fruit, 50 grams of ginger, fry the thick juice with water, remove the lamb bones, medicine residue, and add the appropriate amount of millet for porridge.

Can cure deficiency, waist and knee weakness embolism.

The first choice of darts for indoor leisure and fitness

The first choice of darts for indoor leisure and fitness

Core tip: Darts is a full-body sport, and it can achieve a full range of fitness effects for modern office workers.

The muscles and joints that are mainly involved in contraction of darts include fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulder joints, deltoids, triceps, wrists, finger muscles and other darts movements are a systemic exercise.Achieve a full range of fitness results.
Dart movement is mainly involved in contracting muscles and joints including fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, deltoids, triceps, wrists, finger muscles, etc., especially the training of some smaller muscles that are rarely exercised.

The amount of exercise is small, and you can adjust it according to your needs.

  Darts can also relieve vision fatigue and exercise eyesight.

Because darts require rhythmic aiming and relaxation of the eyes, the eyes are relaxed and exercised, and eye exercises are performed. This is the best exercise method for myopia and false myopia who have been sitting in front of the computer for a long time.
  Darts are competitive, antagonistic, casual, and entertaining. In the complex and busy work rhythm, often playing darts can also adjust the psychological state and improve the psychological quality, becoming the best exercise method to precipitate the mood.

  Darts can improve the ability of nerves to precisely control muscles.

You can adjust the balance of the left and right brains, that is, the balance of logical thinking judgment and spatial control.

  The standard distance for darts sports is the standard distance for soft darts: 2.

44 meters.

  In front pose, you should stand with your feet behind the dart line. The front foot and the dart line should be between 0 and 90 degrees.The back naturally leans to maintain balance, and turns sideways, with the shoulder inserted by the darts player facing the dartboard, straighten the chest, raise the hips, and raise the arms parallel to the shoulders, and the forearms naturally.

Keep your body steady when throwing darts.

  Dart method The dart method varies from person to person, it does not have a strict rule.

But experienced people have shown that holding a dart with a brush is the most stable.

  After the throwing method maintains the correct posture, other parts of the body should be stable when throwing darts. Use your forearms to drive your wrists and hands to throw the darts.

Keep your hands straight during the darts, and dart naturally after darts.

It should be noted that during the dart throwing, the hand direction is alternated to the left and right, and the continuity is maintained (dart throwing, the dart holder uses the elbow as the support point).

Darts have a running route, which are a large arc, a small arc, and a lower arc. The small arc is the correct flight route.

Note: Kidney deficit falls in love with young women

Note: Kidney deficit falls in love with young women

Modern women are under unprecedented competitive pressure, their lives are irregular, and young women are the most emotionally unstable group.

Under long-term depression, immunity is also disturbed, and the kidney may gradually deteriorate due to this.

  Kidney deficiency, which originally belonged to middle-aged and elderly people, unknowingly entangled in young women.

Professor Deng Yueyi, director of the Department of Nephrology, Longhua Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that at present, in the Department of Nephrology, 30?
50-year-old women account for a large proportion, especially women who often sit in the office or are in a sub-health state.

  Office women have long been in an unventilated air-conditioned environment, the four seasons are not clear, and they have been suffering from hypoxia for a long time, causing kidney weakness.

In addition, the content of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and toxic dust in the air of the air-conditioned room is too high, which will induce the immune function of the kidneys and other organs to decline. Long-term development may cause nephritis.

  Modern women are under unprecedented competitive pressure, their lives are irregular, and young women are the most emotionally unstable group.

Under long-term depression, immunity is also disturbed, and the kidney may gradually deteriorate due to this.

At the same time, modern people can accept snack food residues, the nutritional structure is not reasonable, the transition is too high, and too many kidneys will lead to decreased resistance.

  Kidney weakness manifests itself from head to toe.

In general, people with kidney deficiency have dull hair, dry mouth, and dull complexion. Some people have dark circles, often have sore throats, and have weak waists and knees after fatigue.

In addition, frequent urination at night, urgency, diarrhea in the morning, fear of cold in winter, often irregular menstruation, dizziness, weakness, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

  Doctors point out that after the above symptoms, do not rush into medical treatment.

Many kidney diseases are caused by unclear personal constitution, which is thought to be caused by professional doctors’ diagnosis, overuse, and excessive use of health products, which disrupt the internal balance of the human body.

Young white-collar workers should prevent overwork and keep a happy mood to prevent intense emotional changes.

Usually eat more foods with high calcium content, such as bone soup, or cool foods, such as yam, coriander, honeysuckle, mung beans, cassia seeds, fish soup and so on.

Not all medicines for angina pectoris are called Baiyunshan Compound Danshen Tablets

Not all medicines for angina pectoris are called “Baiyunshan Compound Danshen Tablets”

In modern society, more and more patients with angina pectoris are one of the main diseases that endanger human society. If not treated in time, there may be serious consequences. There are many drugs on the market for treating coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.So what is reliable and trustworthy?
  From a medical point of view, coronary artery occlusion and coronary spasm are the main causes of angina pectoris. Therefore, the key to treating angina pectoris is to unblock blood vessels and relieve spasm. The ingredients contained in Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablets can effectively activate blood circulation and relieve stasis.Analgesic, Tongluo analgesia, Tongmai analgesia, promote drug absorption and relieve cardiac ischemia.
  The biggest feature of Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablet is that it has multiple components, multiple targets, synergistic effects and attenuation, and overall regulation, which is a good theory of traditional Chinese medicine.
The main ingredients of Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablet are Danshen, Borneol and Panax notoginseng. The three main ingredients complement each other. Danshen has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, passing through analgesia, and focuses on expanding coronary arteries, reducing vascular resistance and increasing myocardial blood supply.It has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, Tongluo and analgesic, focusing on protecting the myocardium, improving myocardial microcirculation, and alleviating myocardial ischemia; borneol can be aromatic and clarifying, Tongmai analgesic, and focuses on promoting drug absorption, especially assisting through the blood-brain barrier.
After the three are compatible, they have a synergistic and complementary effect, which strengthens the function of Baiyunshan Compound Danshen Tablets in treating angina pectoris.
It can be said that Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablet is a rare home-made medicine for preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with small side effects. Taking Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablet daily can effectively treat and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  What’s more, Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., the research and development company of Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablets, has invested heavily in the construction of GAP medicinal planting bases, cultivating raw materials for consumers’ peace of mind 365 days a day, and insisting on keeping products from the source.ensure quality.
During the production process, through fingerprint layer technology and “one test and multiple evaluation” technology at every level to ensure product quality and prevent unqualified products from entering the market.
  In addition, Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablets uses the international “high-throughput drug screening technology (HTS)” to screen the effective components and combinations of Fufang Danshen Tablets using multiple models of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as indicators, combined with sophisticated HPLC methods,Find out the scientific ratio of 10 effective ingredients.
  Baiyunshan Fufang Danshen Tablets was developed from Baiyun Mountain. Not only does Baiyun Mountain adhere to the production principles of good raw materials, good extraction technology, and strict quality control, but also every medicine has taken care of all staff members’ attention, attention and patience.Allow consumers to buy more confident.
It has to be said that not all medicines for treating angina pectoris can be called “Baiyunshan Compound Danshen Tablets”.
This article only represents the author’s opinion, and does not represent the opinion of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!

There are 7 health tips in life, come up

There are 7 health tips in life, come up

Drinking coffee before going to bed, swollen belly and drinking water, tired and tired still exercise . These practices seem to do the opposite, but they will actually receive unexpected results.

Recently, the United States “Health” magazine article, summarized 7 alternative health tips.

  Drink coffee to improve the quality of siesta.

A “best siesta” study in Japan found that a 20-minute siesta was the best after drinking 200 mg of coffee and increased alertness after waking.

Dr. Alan Tofiger, an expert from the Center for Neurological and Sleep Medicine Research in New York, USA, pointed out that after 20 minutes of siesta, caffeine just works, helping the brain eliminate adenosine that produces drowsiness and maximize alertness.

  Drinking water can relieve inflation.

Dr. James Lee, a gastroenterologist at the St. Joseph’s Hospital in California, said that drinking water while inflating gas may seem to aggravate the symptoms. In fact, the opposite is true. Drinking water can help relieve inflation.

For example, after eating high-fiber foods, the body needs more water to digest the food, promotes peristalsis and reduces the symptoms of bloating.

In addition, drinking plenty of water can also relieve bloating caused by dehydration.

  More exercise can relieve fatigue.

After a hard day’s work, maybe the last thing you want to do is exercise.

However, exercising sweat can actually make you stronger.

A study published in the Journal of Sports Training Medicine and Science found that simple 30-minute moderate-intensity exercise can drive away fatigue, improve mood, and relieve depression.

Maine fitness expert Dr. Mark Nadin explained that this is because exercise increases the body’s blood oxygen volume.

  Drink hot drinks to relieve heat.

Preliminary research found that when you drink hot beverages in the summer, your body temperature decreases faster.

The reason is that when drinking hot drinks, the body can sense the change in temperature and increase sweating.

As sweat evaporates from the skin, the body naturally returns to cooling.

  Often alone, good interpersonal relationships.

In the traditional concept, if you want to develop interpersonal relationships, you need to “go out” and “contact more.”

However, sometimes being alone is also conducive to the development of interpersonal relationships.

When you are alone, you can sort out your thoughts, prevent impulse, and help you understand yourself better.

In addition, reflection alone can help reduce stress and worry.

When you’re alone, you can meditate, take a walk, visit a cafe or organize your wardrobe.

  Lifting weights often makes you lose weight.

Lifting weights can make your arms stronger, but research has found that compared to women of the same weight, women ‘s pants that often train with weights such as dumbbells are one size smaller.

Dr. Nadine’s analysis pointed out that this is because the muscle volume is smaller than the aunt at the same weight.

  Eat more protein to lose weight.

Amy Goodson, a nutritionist in Texas, said eating a small amount of food can stimulate blood sugar, increase hunger, and desire to eat more small amounts of food.

Goodson suggests that you increase your protein intake appropriately, such as certain peanut butter or cheese.

Protein helps improve satiety, keeps you hungry, and ultimately reduces food intake.

Three steps to teach your baby to walk

Three steps to teach your baby to walk

The baby started toddling.

At this time, parents do not want the unborn child to fall, but encourage bold attempts.

  The three steps to teach your baby to walk are to walk forward with two legs alternately. Each step requires a change of center of gravity in order to keep a steady pace.

Babies who begin to walk are often trying to figure out how to master the center of gravity to coordinate the pace of walking.

  After 10 months, the baby can walk on the bed rail before going through the railing.

How to teach babies to learn to walk?

  First of all, in order to prevent falls when infants walk for the first time, they should choose a place with a large range of activity, a flat ground and no obstacles.

If you are learning to walk indoors in winter, you should pay special attention to avoid opening coal stoves, radiators, and sharp-edged objects in the room to prevent accidents.

  At the same time, infants should wear suitable shoes and light clothing to facilitate walking.

  Time. In the beginning, you can let the baby learn to walk in the walker. When the step is relatively stable, the parents can hold the baby’s hands or one hand to let him learn to walk.Pulling the towel, let him go forward.

After a period of exercise, the baby can slowly begin to try independently. Parents can stand in front and encourage him to move forward.

For the first time, he may stagger, lean forward, and stumble into your arms, unable to hold his feet. This is normal behavior, because the center of gravity has not been mastered.

At this time, the parents should continue to help him practice and let him walk boldly for the second and third time.

Gradually, practice makes perfect, you will walk more and more stable, and go further and further, and you can walk independently without much continuity.

More than 1 year old has been able to walk relatively stable.

  In addition, when babies are learning to walk, parents should pay attention not to be eager to achieve success, let alone not to practice because they are afraid of falling.

Teaching should be flexible according to the specific circumstances of your child.

In the beginning, you should arrange time to accompany the steps every day, and pay attention to protection. This will help the baby to restart and learn to walk.

White-collar first fitness exercises

White-collar first fitness exercises

The movement of the hands intertwined the ten fingers, calming down and exhaling deeply.

Extend your arms straight, exhale, and use extra force.

Repeat 3?
4 times.

The palm of the left hand is down, the thumb of the right hand is extended to the left wrist, and the other four fingers are used to press down the left thumb and exhale.

Do it again and then change hands.

With the palm of your left hand facing up, keep your fingers straight, press your little finger down, and exhale.

Turn your wrist, clockwise and counterclockwise each 5?
10 times.

Swing your hands and relax.

  The distal and shoulder movements are held with fingers crossed behind the head, the weight is inserted into the hands and arms, the head is pressed down, the neck is straightened, and the breath is deep 5 times.

Insert your right hand into your left ear and gently hook your head so that your head is seriously to the right. Breathe deeply for 5 times. Repeat the exercise with your left hand several times.

Slowly rotate the coaxial, clockwise and counterclockwise five times each.

Raise the baseline, exhale and lower, repeat 4?
5 times.

Shake the front end 5 times forward and 5 times forward.

Look to the right and back, repeat 3?
5 times, then proceed in the opposite direction.

Sit back and relax with your arms flat on your knees, then raise your head and chest, and exercise 3?
5 times.

  The movements of the feet and feet will bend the legs and lift them parallel to the chest. Lift and lower them 5 times each to make you feel more comfortable.

Turn your feet clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Put your toes together, bend upwards, straighten downwards alternately 5 times.

Keep your feet flat on the ground and change your feet. Repeat the exercise 20?
30 times.

  For finger and hand movements, insert the top of your head with your fingertips and shift up and down (tap lightly).

Use your fingertips to gently massage from your temples to your chin.

Hold your upper eyelid with your forefinger and thumb, and pull repeatedly.

Initial cheek bone massage to the eyes.

Massage from the side of the nostril to the jaw, and then return to the original point.

Massage your jaw downwards.

Rotate the lower jaw 5 times each.

Stretch your nose and palm for whole body exercise 5 times in each direction.

Press and hold the ear bone up, down, and pull 3 times longer, then turn forward 3 times.

The most IN beauty eight spring and summer beauty trends_1

The most influential beauty trends in spring and summer

The beauty trend is constantly changing. Do you know what the beauty trend is this year?

Does your beauty keep up?

Take a look at these eight spring and summer beauty trends, let you be the most IN beauty beauty.

  1. Whitening is getting more and more deep. Whitening products completely dilute the spots on the surface and improve the skin’s luster, while deeper to deal with potential spots and melanin that are not visible to the naked eye.

More and more advanced whitening technology is not only content to stop the activity of tyrosinase, the source of melanin, but to kill it in the cradle.

  2. Whitening, anti-aging and cross-border cooperation. Whitening products have anti-aging effects at the same time. In addition, the moisturizing effect is getting better and better, and the skin uniformity, firmness and hydration are improved comprehensively.

  3, pure plant skin care is thriving, and environmental protection and other life concepts also affect the skin care industry. Organic skin care products using pure plants will become more and more popular.

Digging up new, rare plant ingredients and plant origins, 4, sun protection challenges, how often should sunscreen be reapplied?

How much SPF is enough for one day?

Such a question will soon be answered, because sunscreen is fighting a protracted battle!

  5, perfect skin foundation manufacturing foundation developed in 2009, has been a veritable all-rounder, moist, shiny, firm, flawless skin can be done with a bottle of foundation.

Foundation is no longer a burden on the skin, but it will become an intimate outerwear.

  6, pink evolved a variety of personalities this spring, pink is the absolute main color, and interpretation of a variety of personality, romantic gentleness also reveals a little uninhibited color, softness and rigidity, is the portrayal of the modern woman’s temperament.

  7, light-colored smoke is low-key and feminine this spring and summer, there is no trace of dark smoke, the previous strong, toughness has been replaced by light colors, all kinds of bright hits and faint smudges, the smoke is also soft and delicious.
  8. The texture of red lips can be used to wipe out the haze. In the daily makeup, dare not try the bright red lips such as red, rose, and orange. But this year, under the economic crisis and the pressure of work, women would rather ignore the eye shadows.The eyelashes can’t help but choose the full-textured red lips to remove the haze.

Eight-style stovepipe yoga moves to shape super beautiful legs

Eight-style stovepipe yoga moves to shape super beautiful legs

Want Lin Zhiling’s beautiful legs?

Want Mo Wenwei’s long legs?

Now, introduces you to the slender leg yoga movements, so that you can avoid unnecessary aunts in easy exercises and practice star-like charming legs!

  Key points of the first movement: Kneeling on a yoga mat, with the tail straight, holding up the left foot, holding the left toe with both hands, stretching the left foot straight up, stretching both hands, and looking to the left toe.

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and resume the side change.

  Recommended index: ★★★★ The second type of action points: natural bending, feet slowly separated forward and backward, both hands support the ground until the back is attached to the ground, straight legs, toes straight, straight forward, armsStraighten up, fingers open, eyes looking at the ceiling.

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then change sides after recovery.

  Recommended index: ★★★ ☆ The third type of action points: Naturally slender, with feet separated forward and backward into a lunge, flex the right knee, make the right thigh perpendicular to the right calf, the left leg straight back, and the toes turn 45 degrees beyond.

The front is straight, the sides open straight, parallel to the ground, and the eyes look straight ahead.

Hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and then repeat the change after recovery.

  Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆ The fourth type of action points: natural volume, body weight slowly transferred to the right foot, bend the left knee, the body slowly leaned forward, while the left foot slowly straightened backwards, arms forwardStraighten with your fingertips facing forward and your palms facing each other. Know that your arms and chest are in line and your legs are parallel to the ground.

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then change sides after recovery.
  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Fifth type of action points: natural bending, slowly move the body weight to the right foot, the body twists to the left.

Bend your left knee, lean forward, straighten your right hand down, touch your fingertips to the ground, straighten your left hand up, and open your fingers.

Extend your left foot straight up and toe up.

Eyes look at the fingers of the left hand.

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then change sides after recovery.
  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Sixth-style action points: sit on your knees with your legs together on the ground, separate a little wider than your shoulders, and place them on the ground.

Straighten your hands to your feet, lift your toes, lift them forward, and slowly stretch your legs straight up. Keep your hands straight, and press your body slowly until your ears are down and your heels are back on the ground.

Keep the action for 30 seconds to 1 minute. After the recovery, change sides and repeat.

  Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆ Seventh type of action points: natural weight, slowly transfer the body weight to the left foot, bend the right knee, let the left foot lift up near the foot, hold the right foot with the right hand, and slowly move the bodyLean forward, lift your right foot up, and straighten your toes.

Straighten your right hand, stretch your left hand to the left and straight, and look straight ahead.

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then change sides after recovery.
  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Eighth-style action points: flat most with the ground, the back straight.

Separate your legs slowly to the sides with your toes facing up.

Put your hands on the ground in front of your body, lean forward slowly, and look straight ahead.

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  Recommended Index: ★★★★

To be beautiful, we need to pay attention to details _1

To be beautiful, we need to pay attention to the details

Reason: Daily Cleansing + Hot Water Result: Dry skin.
hzh {display: none; }  最近的肌肤护理研究发现,25度左右的温水洁面后与一般的冷水洁面后比较,肌肤皮脂膜显得更为干燥,而温度更高的热水对肌肤的刺激就更It’s big.
  Clear water at about 0 degrees is the best temperature for cleansing. If you think that the temperature is too low, the temperature of the tap water itself is generally acceptable.
  Reason: Rich cleansing foam Results: Dry and rough skin Thoroughly cleaning the skin is the first step in caring for the skin, but it does not mean that the richer the foam, the better the cleaning effect.
In fact, cleansing active agents and soaps will cause some irritation to the skin, so pay special attention to their content, and pay attention to prevent the large amount of sebum that is protective to the skin from being lost due to excessive cleansing, causing dry and rough skin.
In cleansing appliances, fingers are the best cleaning tool, only it can most accurately sense the state of the skin.
  Reason: Regular steaming of the face. Result: When steaming the face for adults, the pores are opened after steaming the face, which makes it easy to remove deep dirt. Therefore, the home-style steam beauty machine has become the first choice for women who are keen on maintenance.
However, experts believe that these hot gases will stimulate the oil glands that control oil, cause pores to expand, and stimulate the production of noodles.
The problem lies in the quality of daily water. Only water treated with special ozone can soften the residual substances in the pores while not stimulating oil secretion and avoiding skin infection. This technology is not available in home water processors.
  Reason: Refusal of scrub + fruit acid products. Result: Obstructed skin circulation. To prevent skin damage, many women psychologically resist exfoliating products and any products containing fruit acid.
It’s like rejecting fragrances and alcohols, and seeing it as the best way to protect your skin from harm.
In other words, their skin can only rely on themselves to get rid of aging cells. In fact, this is very difficult to succeed.
Especially with the increase of age, the skin cells with inconsistent metabolism will gradually make the skin rough and dull, and even affect the proliferation of dermal collagen tissue, which will cause the aging phenomenon to be reported in advance.
  Reason: massage hard + a lot of cream. Result: skin pigmentation and looseness. We know that applying too much force to massage the skin will pull the skin and damage the skin’s tissue structure.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow the direction of the skin’s texture when massaging, and massage with the middle finger and ring finger will not cause skin burden.
There are also many women who use a lot of skin care products to get a better feel. After massage, they do not wash off the remaining cream and go to sleep directly.
This forces the skin to stop breathing, causing more serious skin problems.
  原因:肌肤过敏+类固醇药膏结果:免疫力下降  肌肤出现不明原因的过敏问题,如丘疹、红斑、蜕皮时,最好的保养当然是咨询专业医生,经由处方获得类固醇药膏,外搽在皮肤上,To accelerate skin healing.
However, this type of ointment is only suitable for short-term use. If it is used for a long time, it will gradually lose its effect. It is necessary to continuously increase the amount of use, and the skin’s own immunity will be minimized.
In fact, in the field of skin aging maintenance, the prevention of aging must strengthen the skin’s own immunity, rather than relying on the external force of this ointment.