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The most commonly used moxa partition moxibustion-ginger moxibustion

The most commonly used moxa partition moxibustion-ginger moxibustion

Core tips: There are many types of moxibustion, among which ginger-separated moxibustion is a method of indirect moxibustion. So what exactly is ginger-separated moxibustion?
How does ginger moxibustion work?
  Ginger-separated moxibustion is a type of moxibustion using ginger slices as spacers.
Similar moxibustion methods include salt-moxibustion and garlic-moxibustion.
Ginger-based moxibustion is recorded in Yang Jizhou’s “Acupuncture and Moxibustion” in the Ming Dynasty: “Moxibustion uses ginger slices as thick as money, puts them in the points on the tongue, and then moxibustes them.”
After Ming.
Zhang Jingyue’s “Classical Jingyi” mentioned the treatment of hemorrhoids “single slices of ginger alone, put the painful area of the hemorrhoids, use Ai Zhi on Jiang Zhuang’s three strong moxibustion, the yellow water comes out, and dissipates spontaneously.”
It is also described in books such as Li Shangwen by Wu Shangxian and Acupuncture at Fengyuan by Li Xuechuan in the Qing Dynasty.
In modern times, because of the convenience of material collection and simple operation, it has become one of the most commonly used partition moxibustion methods.
The method of moxibustion is basically the same as that of ancient times, with some improvements, such as adding some drugs to the moxa or filling a layer of powder under the moxibustion film to enhance the treatment effect.
  [Indications]vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nocturnal emission, impotence, dysmenorrhea, peripheral facial paralysis, etc.
  Such as stomach problems (deficiency cold stomach pain): take the middle iliac crest (in the upper abdomen, when the umbilical is 4 inches above the anterior midline), Zusanli (3 inches below the outer knee), and Neiguan (on the palm of the forearm, when largeOn the line between Ling and Quze points, 2 inches above the horizontal stripes of the wrist, between the palmar long tendon and the radial wrist flexor tendon), cut the ginger into about 0.
A 2 cm thick slice was placed in each of the above points, and the moxa that was shaped into a pagoda sugar-like size was placed on ginger slices for moxibustion, 1 point per point, about 45 minutes, twice daily.
  [Operation method]Take a piece of ginger, choose fresh ginger, cut along the ginger fiber lengthwise, and cut into about 0.
2 to 0.
5cm-thick ginger slices, the size of which can be determined according to the location of the acupoint area and the size of the selected wormwood. Several holes are punctured with a triangular needle in the middle.
During moxibustion, place it in the acupoint area, place large or medium moxa on it, and light it.
When the patient has a local burning sensation, lift up the ginger tablets slightly, or replace with moxa and moxibustion.
General moxibustion 5 to 10 strong each time, with local flushing as the degree.
After moxibustion, apply safflower oil to the moxibustion site, one is to prevent skin burns, and the other is to enhance the effectiveness of moxibustion in activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis and dispersing cold and analgesics.
In recent years, some acupuncture workers also use ginger to purify moxibustion, which has a good effect on some diseases and syndromes.
For moxibustion and post-moxibustion care, please refer to purulent moxibustion.
Ginger used for ginger-separated moxibustion should use fresh old ginger, which should be cut and used immediately. Dried or tender ginger should not be used.
The thickness of the ginger slice depends on the location of the root ridges and the symptoms.
In general, ginger slices can be thicker for sensitive areas such as the face, and ginger slices can be cut thinner for acute or painful symptoms.
If you accidentally burn your skin during moxibustion, causing the skin to appear transparent and blisters, care must be taken to prevent infection. The treatment method can refer to the scarless moxibustion method.

Let’s do cervical exercises together

Let’s do cervical exercises together

Cervical spondylosis has quickly become a common problem among white-collar workers.

White-collar workers usually work long hours and have few opportunities for exercise, so they simply cannot get proper relaxation easily.

At the same time, summer and summer in low-temperature air-conditioned rooms, and their neck muscles are vulnerable to cold, which causes cervical spondylosis.

And white-collar workers in metropolises have long days and short nights and rich nightlife. As a result, fatigued cervical spine during the day does not have enough time to recover at night, and the damage to the spine gradually deepens over time.

  Therefore, this period of fitness experience is arranged in the Star Fitness Jing’an Store, the store’s senior personal trainer Liang Zhengyang introduced four sets of small tricks to prevent intervention and reduce soreness.

  Head movements can be either standing or sitting.

Your hands hang down naturally, your shoulders relax, and your back is straight when you practice.

Lower your head in an anterior position, bringing your jaw as close as possible to the collarbone, and fully stretching your muscles for 1 to 2 seconds.

Then slowly raise your head, lean back as much as possible, and keep it for 1 to 2 seconds.

Then press your head down to your left shoulder until it stretches to the left for 1 to 2 seconds.

After that, the same action is repeated to the right again.

Take these four actions as a group.

  Essentials: After 40 to 60 minutes of continuous work, doing the above single action can relax the relaxation.

When doing this set of movements, try to avoid head rotation and shoulder shaking.

At the same time, the head must move slowly back and forth, left and right.

  When relaxing at the top, naturally.

Slightly separate your legs, or stand back and forth in a lunge, with your back straight, and tighten your abdomen.

With both arms stretched forward, the forearms are bent upwards, the angle between the big and small arms is greater than 90 degrees, and the elbows naturally sag.

Stretch from the front of the body slowly in both directions until it can’t stretch.

After holding this action for 15 seconds, slowly restore.

  Essentials: Remember to tighten your abdomen.

When keeping the chest expansion movement, avoid avoiding back-and-forth swings, otherwise the effect of relaxing hip muscles will not be achieved.

During practice, the retina may feel sore, which is normal.

Once the movement is restored, the soreness disappears.

  The relaxation of the hip muscles at the end of exercise is also one of the causes of cervical disease, so the effect of this action is to exercise the muscles of the hips.

When practicing, hold the seated position, flex your upper body forward, and place it completely on your thighs.

Use your legs as a support point.

Hands hang down naturally, each holding a mineral water bottle filled with water.

Slightly bend vertically, slowly lift up to both sides, and exhale at the same time, until the arms and shoulders are flat.

Then, slowly release the carbon dioxide, inhale at the same time, reducing action.

This action consists of 15 sets of 3 to 5 sets each time with a 1 minute rest between sets.

  Essentials: When lifting gravity, don’t feel the tightness of the back, and avoid elbows on the elbow of the hand.

The coach used dumbbells to demonstrate the movement.

In the daily practice, white-collar workers can choose appropriate weights according to their training intensity.

When doing this group of movement, pay special attention to the cooperation of breathing and movement.

  The exercise of preliminary stretching is mainly aimed at the exercise of the target strength, and mainly excludes stretching.

When practicing, lie down on the mat first and place a towel directly underneath.

Then, lower your head forward to make your head about an inch away from the pad.Move your jaw closer to the collarbone.

After holding this motion for 10 seconds, lower it slowly.

Do 3 to 5 groups in total and rest for 30 seconds between each group.

  Essentials: The use of towels is beneficial for the full stretch.

This is especially necessary for less powerful beginners.

  When doing this, the parts other than the head and neck should be relaxed in order to achieve the best exercise results.

  Tip one: After working for 40 to 60 minutes, do a little shoulder movement (either clockwise or counterclockwise), and the movement is slow.

  Second, white-collar workers, sitting in front of the computer continuously, pay special attention to the sitting position, it is best to keep the hips straight.

To prevent injury to the cervical spine.

  Third, white-collar women who have experienced recovery discomfort can wear more collared clothes or wear shawls on thin clothes in spring and autumn.

  4. Dizziness, sore cervical spine, paralyzed hands, and even temporary blindness if you work for more than half an hour, indicating that you are likely to damage the cervical spine.

Long-term cervical spine injury can lead to cervical displacement or disc herniation.

In this case, you should consult a professional or a doctor in time.

  Experience and experience Because I usually face the computer continuously and rarely exercise, I often feel tired and face soreness.

Today, I followed the personal fitness trainer Liang Zhengyang to learn four sets of meaningful moves.

  Before teaching the action, the coach Liang Zhengyang told me that cervical soreness is caused by the human hip muscles being too loose and the dark muscles too tight, so the body’s pressure is concentrated on the cervical spine.

And now white-collar workers have become a high incidence of cervical disease.

In particular, white-collar workers who have worked in the office for more than two years are very susceptible to cervical spondylosis.

Because white-collar workers have been under air-conditioned rooms for a long time, they do not pay attention to the protection mentioned above.

Furthermore, long-term bad sitting postures and work habits are harmful to themselves.

In addition to causing problems other than affecting the physical health of the individual, it will make the entire body poor.

Some white-collar women are relatively long, but when viewed from the side, their shoulders are inwardly rotated, their tails are not straight, and their cervical spine is straight forward.

  The four sets of moves taught by coach Liang Zhengyang are aimed at preventing complications and soreness, and strengthening reconstruction strength.

The movements are simple and easy to learn, and the venue and equipment requirements are appropriate, which is suitable for white-collar workers to practice during work.

These four sets of actions are used to combat, step on, and exercise the buttocks.

Simple yoga pose to decompress for you

Simple yoga pose to decompress for you

If you want to spend every day healthy and full of energy, you must fully relax your spirit and body.

It is just difficult for busy modern people.

The hard work you face every day and those more and more difficult to resolve stress will be extremely swell, and your boots will erode your physical health.

Fortunately, some simple and easy-to-learn yoga asanas will help you to depress, soothe the nerves-chair-style legs close together, palms stick to the side of the legs.

Exhale first, then inhale through the nose. At the same time, your fingertips will drive your arm up and shoulder level, and bend your hips to squat.

Exhale from your mouth, and feel the power that extends from the tailbone to the back spine, like sitting in a chair behind you, sitting down to where you can stop.

  This trick can strengthen the functions of the body, bones, back, hips, spine, etc., stretch the shoulders, chest, and strengthen the heart function and sense of balance.

  Big tree-like legs close together, hands hang down naturally, abdomen, hips, chest, shoulders, chin, smile.

Exhale your mouth, point your hands towards the crowd, keep your right foot close to the ground, keep your toes forward and keep steady, inhale your nose, line your head upwards, lift your left foot against the sole of your right foot, and put your hands together on your chest.

Hold 3-5 breaths.

  Help exercise the body’s sense of balance, relax the spirit to maintain peace, enhance self-confidence, strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis, indirectly stimulate the lymph glands in the thighs and the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, and activate the internal organs.

  Kneeling in a rabbit style, exhaling, keeping your knees as wide as your waist and keeping your back straight.

Inhale the nose, bend your hands with your hands, bend your elbows under the coaxial arms, exhale, and move your body slightly forward with the top of your head as your center. Keep your elbows close to your head and look forward. Open your hands with the palms on the ground and the top of your head.In the middle of the palms of the hands, the front end raises the front ceiling and the front end recedes to extend the body backwards.

Simultaneously, hold hands and pressurize each other, hold each other, and keep within 5 breaths.

When recovering, bring your body back into place by exhaling.

  It can help stimulate Baihui Point above your head, treat constipation, headache, improve scalp vitality, and help hair health.

Promote visceral function, soften the back bone, spine and complications, return blood to the brain, and increase oxygen supply to the brain.

  Warrior-style feet are opened twice as wide as the shoulders. Both hands are inserted into the waist, exhaling, moving the heels outward, keeping the sides of the feet straight.

Exhale, prepare to start action, inhale, bend your left knee, turn your left toe to the left, or keep it in place, keep your feet in an “l” shape, and keep them straight, looking straight ahead, ahead of your pelvis and hipIn front of.

Continue squatting with the left leg, and the uniform should not exceed the toes. The chin drives the head to turn to the left, and the eyes look straight ahead, keeping within 5 breaths.

  Its advantages are that it can beautify the curve, nourish the spine, relieve shoulder stiffness and soreness, and promote metabolism and blood circulation.

Enhance the softness of knee joints, shrink joints, improve fineness, energy, and energy.

  Triangular legs are about 2 feet apart, with hands hanging naturally.

Inhale and lift your hands to the sides of your body, as high as the front.

Exhale, touch your left foot with your left hand, and lift your right hand to point upwards.

Touch your foot with your left hand and hold your breath.

After touching the toes with your hands, your head turns to the right and your right side lifts into the air.

  This trick has medical value for treating hypertension and pain in the shoulder joints, making the spine bones flexible and enhancing vision.

  Vulture legs are put together, hands are placed on the hips, exhale, the body is squatting slightly when inhaling, the right foot is held steady by the toes and claws towards the back, the mouth is exhaled, and the pelvis is kept upright.

Inhale the nose and encircle the left outer elbow with the right arm from bottom to top.

Exhale and bend your hips.

Keep the tail spine extended backwards, with your fingertips extended upwards.

  This method can exercise the muscles of the shoulders, back and hips, stimulate the joints of the hands and feet, strengthen the circulatory system, and increase self-focus and balance.

Coarse grain diet meal for weight loss and beauty

Coarse grain diet meal for weight loss and beauty

Today, more and more advocating healthy weight loss, using coarse grains to lose weight has become a fashion.

Long-term use of coarse grains can not only meet the needs of the human body’s coarsest fiber, but also provide adequate nutrition for the body, and of course coarse grains have naturally become the first choice for urban women to lose weight.


Radish, fruit, and vegetable porridge practice: put very little rice, put more water, white radish, diced fruit, and finally put vegetables, such salt, chicken essence out of the pot.


The practice of clear water cabbage soup: boiled cabbage, put some salt and chicken essence when it comes out of the pot.


Celery and gardenia porridge method: celery diced, tamales porridge, put cabbage leaves, sauce tofu, chicken essence seasoning when out of the pan.


Wild vegetable sweet potato nest method: Mix wild vegetables with seasonings and flavors, steamed and mashed sweet potatoes, mix seasoning with corn noodles and wild vegetables, and steam out of the pan for 15 minutes.

Yoga Type 10 Diabetes Premenstrual Syndrome

Yoga Type 10 Diabetes Premenstrual Syndrome

Before the onset of menstruation, women often cause some physical and psychological reactions and symptoms due to changes in hormone levels in the body, manifested as headaches, fatigue, constipation, weight gain and increased appetite, dull and sensitive skin, and mood changes.It is called premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

  Increased balance, increased legume foods and calcium intake have the effect of regulating hormone secretion and balancing mood.

In addition, asana practice through yoga has a fairly significant effect on relieving the symptoms of PMS.

  After asana practice, you can close your eyes and do meditation for a few minutes, the effect will be better.


The warrior has a big step advantage with two feet apart.

Inhale and raise your hands to shoulders.

Exhale, bend your right leg, straighten your left leg, straighten your calf, press your heel tightly on the ground, make a lunge, and stretch your groin.

After holding 5 breaths, change direction and do it again.


Inhale in half-moon style with both hands flat.

Exhale, bend your right knee, put your hands on the extension of your toes, lift your heels at the same time, see the ground or directly in front, relax the abdomen, let the weight fall on the right leg of the support, lift your left leg and straighten, hold it 5 timesAfter taking a deep breath, slowly lower your left leg.

Change direction and do it again.


The single-leg lower-dog style starts with the lower-dog style, inhale, push the ground with both palms, lift your left leg, and extend to the ceiling to keep your shoulders flat.

After holding 5 breaths, lower your right leg.

Exhale, bend your knees, and rest in a baby style.

Then change sides and do it again.


Prone with a snake, with your hands apart and shoulder-width apart under your shoulders, inhale and raise your head, neck, and chest in turn.

Abdomen, waist, spine, spine, vertebrae, vertebrae, vertebrae, vertebrae, scapulas are stretched backward, straight arms or flexed arms are reversed. After holding 5 breaths, exhale, relax and slowly return to the prone position.


The spider worm inhales prone and puts the palms of the hands down on the body parts, presses the ground, lifts the upper body and feet, stretches the spine, tightens the tibia, concentrates the energy on the back and abdomen, and looks forward, keeping 5 breaths.Exhale, relax, and rest with your face on your flexed arms.


Camel-style kneeling, with your knees separated from your buttocks, hips, chest, spine, step on the front of the thighs, groin, inhale, support your hips with your hands, and slowly lift your upper body back.

Send your hips forward, exhale and hold your heels with both hands.

Tighten your shoulders.

Keep your chest straight, relax and recover, and slowly restore after 5 breaths.


Lie on your back with your feet on your backs, lift your feet together, your shoulders inward, support your hands forward, turn your legs forward, use your abdominal muscles to straighten up, try to straighten your legs up, and press your chin on your breasts.

Breathe gently and hold for 2 minutes.

When laying down, bend your knees and lower your legs to control the slow fall.

  This set of exercises should not be performed during menstruation.

Subtraction skin care for lazy women _1

Subtractive Skin Care for Lazy Women

Under the heavy load of work, unavoidable toil, despite the nature of beauty, but the pursuit of speed and efficiency has left many MMs exquisite, and turned to simple and effective one-step skin care, a bottlePack the world.
In response to this demand, the concept of all-around has also begun to appear in skin care products more and more, just to meet the requirements of women who pursue short and flat.
I just don’t know, is this “slacking off” good or bad for the skin?
  ”I don’t like to fiddle with so many bottles and cans. I have a big face, and I have to paint so many things. I’m still worried about the problem.
I usually only apply the lotion after cleaning, and at most I add sunscreen in summer, but I do n’t see anything.
“Emilly’s skincare perspective represents some” lazy “views. The most complicated skincare process is nothing more than: cleansing + toner (secondary cleaning effect) + hydrating lotion / cream + sunscreen / night cream.
  If you apply too much skin and become sensitive, some beauty experts do not understand some beautiful women who need to apply seven or eight layers on their faces before going out.
In her opinion, everyone’s skin condition is different. Some people’s skin has begun to change to a more sensitive state because they don’t pay attention to care. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply too much skin care products.
Moreover, the more products, the more ingredients added to the face, the heavier the load on the skin.
A while ago, the “fast food and slimming method” was very popular. Inspired by this, skin care also began to popularize the “muscle fasting” maintenance concept.
“Muscle fasting” is not all rubbing, but reducing the amount of skin care products, with the goal of “restoring skin health”, first restore the skin to “zero”, and it will run more smoothly.
It is said that the “reduction-fasting-slowly re-eating” maintenance method can stimulate the skin’s original self-healing ability and accelerate the absorption of skin care products after clearing the stomach.
  Nutrition is based on age. For younger skin, its self-regulating function is sufficient to complete metabolism, and it does not need to supplement extra energy.
After getting older, the skin’s regulatory function declines, and it is more appropriate to choose some nutrition products at this time.
If you have mixed skin and are unwilling to use the two products separately, it is recommended to focus on the cheek area and use a soft cleaning product, otherwise the excessive oil control effect may cause the cheek area to become thinner and thinner.
If you need to ensure the protection of different functions, you can choose to use a light-textured whitening moisturizing ingredient in the morning and switch to an anti-aging moisturizing cream at night.
Once the skin is allergic, you need to reduce the daily skin care steps, leaving only the two steps of cleansing and toning.
  TIPS: Beauty Q & A Q: What kind of efficacy or texture should an all-in-one product have?
  A: First of all, it needs to have relevant ingredients that meet various functions, and secondly, the content of the ingredients must be sufficient to work, and certain clinical tests must be performed to ensure that the ingredients can effectively function after mixing.
Generally speaking, there are more creamy textures because it is easier to add various ingredients to the formula, and it can also be a lotion or essence.
  Q: Some people worry that long-term use of a product will cause skin resistance elements. Do I need to change the product frequently?
  A: If you use too many products too quickly, it is easy for your skin to contact too many ingredients, which is not good for skin absorption and adaptation.
If you find a product that suits your skin, you can always stick with it and pay attention to changing it according to the season.
  Single product recommendation: Sisley’s classic all-round lotion: It incorporates a variety of extremely precious plant extracts, such as ginseng, centella asiatica, horsetail grass, rosemary, hops, etc., to achieve full skin moisturization and nourish, Firmness, elasticity, repair, anti-pollution, anti-aging, etc.
  Guerlain Royal Orchid Ultimate Repair Cream: Gold, Caviar, Orchid-A full kilogram of orchid root can only extract one gram of Royal Orchid’s vitality. This is what makes this cream special.
It can improve the skin’s four problems: hydration, anti-wrinkle, firming, whitening, and also promote cell regeneration.
  Dior Hydro Power Concentrate Cream: If you are young and just want to meet the needs of hydration and sun protection, then this product can meet your needs.
This is Dior’s latest multi-functional cream with moisturizing and sun protection, which provides sufficient water protection for the skin.
  LAMER Mystery Facial Cream: “Magic Active Extract” made from deep sea giant algae combined with multivitamins and other various plant extracts, after 3 to 4 months of low temperature and low pressure biological fermentation, which can help skin restore to the mostNatural and healthy balance, slowing down the aging process of the skin, leaving the skin firm, soft and shiny.

The Return of India on Yoga (2)

The Return of India on Yoga (2)

Is it right for everyone to practice yoga?

Of course, everyone can imitate yoga asanas, but not everyone is right to start practicing yoga right away.

At the very least, the practitioner must agree that the human body is formed by the aggregation of the physical body and the invisible soul. Yoga practice must be equal and interactive with the human body, and must not be biased.

For those who are more carnal, they have a desire to express themselves, have a strong self-awareness, and are more competitive. After practicing yoga, they are very vulnerable to injuries, develop dark illnesses, and have a slow effect and feel no pleasure.

It ‘s better to practice sports or various dances to express themselves, be safe and have fun; for people who prefer spirituality, treat the body as a smelly skin, and practice without enthusiasm and hard to see results.

  People’s unique physical body, which emphasizes the physical material, will be difficult to transcend the level of the animal world. The beauty of inspiration and charm cannot be found. Life will be more and more delegated, superficial and worried. Humans have only the mind. The physical material is sometimes transient, impermanent and perishable.But transient impermanence also has its beauty. Only full use of physical material can help the soul transcendence and eternity.

The right yoga practice can do both.

  How to start right?

  First, calm down and find a quiet environment with a wide field of vision and air circulation, trying to disturb the interference, turn off all music, take away all the mirrors, and let your heart begin to perceive inward.

  Second, after practicing in a large class with a teacher, you must gradually figure out the asana training process that suits you, and then practice alone, quietly, and continuously.

Each person’s fingerprint is unique, so the inertia, habits, and starting point of each person’s body are of course different. Yoga is to perceive the body during the practice, to perceive the inner, unique. You must truly practice yourself by practicing alone.
  Third, as long as you work hard, it is not important whether each individual is in position, but it is necessary to know how each individual should do it correctly. The key to avoiding physical injuries and the formation of dark illnesses.

Do it quietly and slowly, most movements need to stay for five breaths.

  Kung fu bears people who care for you. As long as you calm down, let go, and practice silently and continuously, human-sky interaction will naturally occur. Your tension will start to adjust spontaneously, and all aspects will become more and more balanced.One.

And nature is the most beautiful.

You can sleep soundly after raising your internal organs

You can sleep soundly after raising your internal organs

I don’t sleep well, I wake up in the middle of the night, I feel uncomfortable in the morning, and become more energetic in the evening . If your sleep is experiencing these “misfortunes”, it does not prevent you from conditioning your internal organs, which may have unexpected results.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory, the five internal organs are the physiological basis of sleep. If any one of them goes wrong, it will “stroke the whole body”.

  Dreaming old, waking up in the middle of the night to protect your heart.

“When I sleep, I have various dreams staged in my head. During the day, my mind is unstable, and I am easily frightened. Even if someone else calls you by name, it will take a long time to calm down. This is a typical manifestation of guilty conscience.

“Shi Ming, deputy director of the Shanghai Medical Collaboration Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine Insomnia, pointed out in an interview with” Life Times “that this is also the most direct factor affecting sleep among the five organs.

When this happens, we must “nourish the yin and raise the mind”.

  In diet, you should eat more jujube kernels, wolfberry, Huai wheat, millet, etc., especially jujube kernels and millet.

You can use 10 grams of jujube kernels and 15 lotus seeds for half an hour to drink as tea, or you can mash the jujube kernels and make porridge with rice and drink them every night.

Millet lotus seed lily porridge is light and sweet, and it can also calm the nerves.

  Guo Xiheng, director of the Sleep and Respiratory Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, and deputy chairman of the Sleep Respiratory Disorders Committee of the Chinese Sleep Research Association, reminded: “People who wake up in the middle of the night will have a hard time falling asleep. Such people must have a good sleeping environmentBe quiet.

“You can hang a thicker curtain in the bedroom, which is both soundproof and light-proof. It is best to take away everything that can make sound in the room, such as clocks and mobile phones.

In addition, many people with poor sleep will choose buckwheat pillows, which are moderately soft and easy to deform, and their headrests are very comfortable.

But for those who wake up easily in the middle of the night, buckwheat husk pillows are not suitable because it will make a rustling sound.

  I can’t sleep, my tongue is red, my head is dry and my liver is extinguished.

If you have these three symptoms at the same time, it means that liver fire is the most important factor affecting your sleep.

“People who are prone to anger are easily upset and angry, so it is more difficult to fall asleep.

Shi Ming said that such people urgently need to clear the heat and relieve fire, and they must always drink plenty of water. This is the simplest and most direct method. You can also drink some tea, such as chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, jasmine, etc.

Eat more leafy greens and fruits. When cooking porridge, you may wish to put some lily and white fungus. The “fire extinguishing” effect is also very good.

  In Guo Xiheng’s view, most people who have difficulty falling asleep have more or less “minds”: the daytime work is not completed, there is a slight contradiction with colleagues, anxious for the child to learn to get angry . these may become you ca n’t sleep”Executioner”, what you need to do at this time is to relax, you can listen to some rhythmic sounds, some kind of gentle piano music, insects, the sound of puddles when it rains, etc., smelling the apple smell, can helpYou quickly go to sleep.

For things you have to think about, you can take an hour before going to bed to focus on the high temperature and think about how to deal with it.

After thinking about things, I suggest going out for a short walk, taking a hot bath after returning, or taking a foot bath with hot water, and then going to bed, maybe you can sleep peacefully.

  Not sleep well, no appetite, need to adjust the spleen and stomach.

Regarding the relationship between the spleen and the stomach and sleep, the traditional traditional medical literature has long recorded “anxiety and restlessness”, which means that if the stomach and stomach always suffer from small problems, either pain or swelling, it is difficult to sleep well.

Sleep disorders due to spleen and stomach discomfort can also make you pay “no food”.

In addition, various problems such as chest tightness, bloating, and lack of bowel movements will follow.

For people in this situation, the only way to improve the quality of sleep is to pay attention to diet, and to master the “July 7” principle at dinner, that is, try to eat before 7 o’clock, it is best to be full; dishes should be light and eat lessInflatable foods such as beans, green peppers, and pumpkins, as well as spicy foods such as chili, garlic, and raw onions, and cold foods.

  For people who have a bad stomach, Shi Ming suggests that you usually drink more malt porridge and put some chicken gizzards in the soup to help digestion and regulate the effects of the spleen and stomach.Drink, and stomach and spleen and soothe.

  Wake up early, weak waist and knees, frequent urination at night, nourishing kidney.

As people get older, their bodies will suffer from all sorts of problems, and many of them have tasted the pain of kidney deficiency.

According to surveys, 95% of the elderly have varying degrees of kidney deficiency.

In addition to the above three symptoms, many people will have symptoms of tinnitus and dizziness at the same time, which can be adjusted by the following methods.

  Mingtian drum, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that “Kidney opens the ears, and healthy ears can strengthen the kidneys.

Press the palms of both hands firmly on the two ear holes, put the two middle fingers on the occipital bone of the brain, and press the index finger against the middle finger to bounce the back of the brain. If you hear the sound of drumming in your ears, do it 15-20 times a day, before bed, Very effective against insomnia; wolfberry soaked in water; eat two spoonfuls of walnuts and sesame every day, can nourish the kidneys and soothe the nerves, but people who are eager to eat it should eat less.

  For people who wake up very early the next morning regardless of the night they sleep, Guo Xiheng suggests that you can sleep for a while at noon, half an hour is enough, but not too long, but if you have difficulty falling asleep at night, the quality of sleepIt is not high, and it is easy to wake up early.

In addition, waking up early is one of the most typical symptoms of depression.

For example, if you wake up at three or four in the morning for two consecutive weeks, or even two or three, you will be sober after waking up, thinking about some changes and unhappy things, the more you think about it, the more irritated you will be, and then you wait until dawn, it may beThe premonition of depression needs to be adjusted in time, and you can ask a psychologist if necessary, but the diagnosis of depression needs to be determined by a specialist.

  Ill not sleep well, nourish lungs.

People who have fever, cough or suffer from chronic chronic branch disease, pulmonary heart disease and other diseases. After feeling the external evil, the human body is weak, easily irritable, and they can’t sleep well at night. This is mostly caused by external evil of the lung.The most basic solution is to eat more carrots, fungus, honey, pears, coriander, etc., especially coriander’s lungs are better.

Relaxing massage to relieve fatigue

Relaxing massage to relieve fatigue

Many people suffer from dizziness and headaches due to colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis, myopia and other organic diseases. Even a healthy person may have headaches due to lack of sleep, glasses or mental factors.

For women, the chances of this happening are greatly increased. Some normal physiological changes in women, such as menstrual cramps and menopausal changes, can cause dizziness and headache.

This reader should master some simple massage techniques.

In order to cope with the sudden vertigo headache “big attack”.


Before the massage, I can judge the cause of dizziness and headache. There are many kinds of headaches, especially women with headache and dizziness. Is it more suitable for clear pain?

There are also some rules to follow.

  In fact, female physiological headaches are caused by many reasons, mainly headaches caused by colds and colds, mostly acute attacks, accompanied by fever, nasal congestion, runny symptoms; headaches caused by eye and nose diseases may have eyes and noseSymptoms, and more pain in the forehead; headache caused by cervical spondylosis, pain in the posterior and posterior complications; encephalitis, headache caused by brain tumors with malignant vomiting and optic nerve head edema; and migraine and nerves common in womenSexual headaches are chronic or recurrent. They are mild and heavy, painful, and often dizzy.

  For some organic diseases such as encephalitis, brain tumors, hypertension, etc., the primary disease should be actively treated; for migraine caused by physiological factors, neurological headache, dizziness, etc., using family massage, the effect is more significantApplying massage to treat headaches and dizziness caused by colds and certain eye and nose diseases can relieve symptoms.


Massage for headaches 1 family can use both hands to eat, the middle finger clamps the patient’s ears, respectively, 3 times, then use the double thumb, the index finger to pull the earlobe down 3 times.

Then use the double thumb to push the wind pool hole of the back of the patient’s head 10 times.

The Fengchi acupoint is located between the posterior occipital trochanter and the mastoid.

  2 The family stood behind the patient, grasping the palm of the patient’s head, that is, the Baihui point, and then beating the middle part of the patient’s head 10 times, where there is a shoulder hole.

If it has not been effective, the patient can take the sitting position or supine position, the family step on the big toe hole (between the first and second toe joints), the small toe hole (between the 4th and 5th toe joints), the hair is hot and slightlySweating for the degree.

Matching Hegu (in the gap between the tiger’s mouth) and other points.

  3 before the headache can be added to the eye in the eye and the temple; after the headache, focus on the massage pool.

And use the force to buckle the pillow; migraine plus massage in the middle of the fracture (the part of the fracture above the ear tip is the skull); is a headache caused by cervical spondylosis, the family should be treated by twisting the head and neck, the action should be gentle, positive and negativeThe amplitude of the rotation should not be too large, and the positive and negative rotations are 10 times.


The dizzy massage family four fingers closed to stand on the patient side.

Use the fingertips to push the patient’s eyebrows (ie Yintang points) to the top of the head (ie Baihui points) for 10-15 times; then use the four-finger flexion to massage Baihui points for about 1 minute.

Then use the fingertips to rub the eyebrows 20 times, and use the middle finger to press the patient’s temples first, then lightly and then re-twisted 10 times.

Finally, use the index finger or middle finger to lick the patient for 1 minute.

The strength should be gentle, soreness but not painful.

The middle point of the person is located above the upper lip and in the center of the nasolabial fold.

  If the patient has repeated dizziness, the patient should first go to the hospital to rule out diseases such as Meniere’s syndrome or inner ear disease. These diseases are often accompanied by tinnitus when they are dizzy.

Excluding organic diseases, dizziness caused by physiological dysfunction is not difficult to deal with.

In addition to the above basic techniques, some “special effects” acupoints will be introduced below, which have certain curative effects on the female vertigo.

  1 Foreign customs.

Prepare the side of the hand, about 6 cm above the wrist.

  2 feet are crying.

Between the 4th toe and the 5th toe of the instep, move your finger up, and the place where it stops naturally is this point.

  3 in the Li.

In the second toe of the foot, the center of the edge of the toenail.

吃这些水果 巧治身体疾病

吃这些水果 巧治身体疾病
便秘?吃苹果吧!  很多女性朋友有便秘的烦恼,其实便秘可以通过食用一些水果来缓解。例如,苹果中含纤维素可以刺激肠道的蠕动,加速排便,一达到通便的作用。而且苹果中的膳食纤维还能对肠胃功能起到双向调节作用。所以腹泻时吃苹果能起到很好的收敛作用,便秘时吃苹果又能帮助缓解症状。  TIPS:但是不是所有人的都可以通过吃水果缓解便秘症状,例如有些人吃了梨子、香蕉、西瓜、橙子等水果后肠蠕动增加,而吃苹果、柿子后反而加重便秘。还有怕冷、手脚常发凉的人吃了梨子、柿子、菠萝会加重便秘,这些人就应该选择香蕉、橙子。而经常口干、心烦、手足心热的阴虚体质的人,吃梨、橙子、柚子会缓解便秘,吃橘子反而不适合。  木瓜可缓解消化不良  木瓜是女性的营养美容佳品,木瓜中的木瓜蛋白酶有很好的美白作用,所以食用木瓜有丰胸、洁肤等功效。不过科学家最新研究还发现,木瓜中的乳状汁液中含有木瓜酵素,可以帮助人体分解肉类蛋白质。所以如果感到消化不力,可以在饭后吃少量的木瓜,对预防胃溃疡、肠胃炎、消化不良等都有一定的功效。  TIPS: 小编提醒您,饭后适量食用木瓜可助消化,但是饭后即刻吃水果会导致有机酸与食物中的矿物质相结合,影响身体的消化吸收噢!而且由于水果当中有果胶,果胶会吸收水分加重肠胃负担,所以吃水果的好时间是餐后两小时。  过度用脑宜吃香蕉  香蕉是最好的水果之一,它有清热解毒、润肠通便、润肺止咳、降低血压等功效。同时香蕉还对失眠或情绪紧张者也有疗效,香蕉所含的蛋白质带有胺基酸,具有安抚神经的效果,因而在睡前吃点香蕉,多少可起一些镇静作用。也可以通过食用香蕉补充所需营养物质,进而并缓解用脑过度是产生的疲惫感及消极情绪。  TIPS:虽然香蕉营养价值高,但是并非适合每个人食用。香蕉含钾高,患有急慢性肾炎、肾功能不全者,都不适合多吃,建议这些病人要注意食用的数量,最多不要吃超过半条。另外,香蕉含有的糖分很高,所以糖尿病者也要注意适量。  芒果可防皱洁肤  我们知道,皮肤中所含的胶原蛋白如果不足就会出现弹性不足,进而皮肤就容易出现皱纹。这个时候,首推食用芒果。芒果是预防皱纹的最佳水果,因为它含有丰富的β—胡萝卜素和独一无二的酶,能激发肌肤细胞活力,促进废弃物排出,有助于保持胶原蛋白弹性,有效延缓皱纹出现。  TIPS:芒果虽然好,但是食用起来也要注意,例如吃完饭的时候最好不要食用芒果,也不要跟大蒜等辛辣物质共同食用,否则,会引发疾病。而体质湿寒的人吃了芒果,可能会令情况恶化。  过度用眼、眼疲劳?蓝莓可缓解  白领每天在办公室工作,要长时间盯着电脑屏幕,就会过度用眼,造成眼疲劳。这是由于视网膜感光所依靠的关键物质维生素A被大量消耗,眼睛感到干燥、疼痛、怕光,甚至视力下降。那么这个时候最好就是食用可提供大量维生素A及大量的β胡萝卜素的水果。这类水果有很多,但是首推是蓝莓。以内蓝莓除了有清除氧自由基、提高视力、抗氧化、抗衰老、美容养颜之外,还可以延缓脑神经衰老、提高记忆力的功效。它会帮助人体加固血管、改善循环、改善睡眠、延缓记忆力衰退、预防心脏病、预防癌症,所以才被人们视为“超级水果”、“万能水果”!  TIPS:蓝莓直接吃的时候其营养价值最高,但是由于生吃蓝莓的味道比较奇怪,很多人不能接受,所以建议可以将蓝莓制成浆果,工作闲暇的时候就取出一点冲泡成水。  长期吸烟,葡萄帮你清肺排毒  长期吸烟的肺部积聚大量毒素,功能受损。即便有些女性朋友自己不抽烟,有时候却不得不吸客户的“二手烟”。所以也被侵害者身体健康,而葡萄中的有效成分能提高细胞新陈代谢率,帮助肺部细胞排毒。所以长期处于二手烟环境或者吸烟的女性朋友可以食用葡萄以达到清肺的效果。而且,葡萄还具有祛痰作用,并能缓解因吸烟引起的呼吸道发炎、痒痛等不适症状。  Tip: Grapes are nutritious when eaten raw, but because grapes are acidic, they should not be eaten too much.

Do not eat on an empty stomach, as it will cause nausea and gastrointestinal upset.

Raisins made into dried fruits are also good health foods. The active ingredients contained in them can prevent leukemia cells from dividing.

  Is there any beriberi invasion?

Oranges are prone to beriberi when humans lack vitamin B1.

Getting along with people is most afraid that this kind of body odor will leave a bad impression on the other party.

In this case, the most suitable choice is edible orange, which adds vitamin B1 and helps glucose metabolism, which can effectively prevent and treat beriberi.

  TIPS: Patients with beriberi can also use vinegar to soak their feet before going to bed every night, or pour into white vinegar with some good water for washing athlete’s foot, soak for a while, and then wash with water. This will not only deodorizeTaste, but also toxic and bactericidal effect.