Month: November 2019

Four points of the autumn autumn autumn tiger

Four points of the autumn autumn “autumn tiger”

In the autumn, the weather will gradually turn colder and hotter in the morning and evening, but the heat is still pressing, which is the “autumn tiger” raging.
At this point, we must pay attention to the following four points: First, the heat-clearing summer foods should be removed at once.
This type of diet can both relieve sweat and replenish fluid, and increase appetite.
So it is good to drink some green bean soup, or to eat lotus porridge, lily porridge and mint porridge.
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, not only to meet the body’s needs for nutrition, but also to supplement the potassium lost through perspiration.
  Second, the cold and cold diet should be reduced.
After a summer, people’s body consumption is very large, especially for some elderly people, most of them have spleen and stomach.
Therefore, when choosing food, it should not be too cold, such as watermelon, pear, cucumber, etc., its taste is cold, and eating more may hurt the spleen and stomach, so eat less.
  Third, diet and nutrition should be strengthened.
People can’t just make the diet too light in order to pursue heat and heat.
In fact, it is possible to eat meat regularly in Liqiu. There are many foods such as duck meat, loach, fish, pork lean meat, seafood, etc. It has the functions of clearing heat and replenishing heat, and can be safely eaten.
  Fourth, the air conditioning time is not too long.
After the beginning of autumn, many families and offices are still inseparable from air conditioning, but after the fall, the weather is colder in the morning and evening, and if you don’t pay attention, there will be abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, colds, shoulder and shoulder pain, etc.”.
Therefore, the opening hours of air conditioners in this season are not easy to be too long, and it is best not to open at night.
People in an air-conditioned environment should always drink ginger soup.
There are chronic diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, and the gastrointestinal function is weak. For people with frequent diarrhea, it is not advisable to turn on air conditioning.

Old people go to bed early and get up early, don’t early eat

Old people go to bed early and get up early, don’t “early eat”

When people reach old age, not only the main organs such as heart, brain and kidney are declining, but the digestive function is also greatly weakened.
If you do not pay attention to diet conditioning, especially the quality of breakfast, it will definitely affect health and longevity.
  In the past, it was thought that the elderly would get up early in the morning and the breakfast should be eaten early, but it was not.
Medical experts believe that most people are fully rested while sleeping, while the digestive organs are still digesting and absorbing the food that remained in the gastrointestinal tract the day before, and gradually enter the rest state in the morning.
If breakfast is too early, it will inevitably interfere with the rest of the gastrointestinal tract, so that the digestive system is in a state of fatigue for a long time.
Therefore, it is best for the elderly to have breakfast after 8am.
  Medical experts also believe that it is good for the elderly to drink some warm water before breakfast.
What is the reason for this?
It turns out that after a night of sleep, people discharge a lot of water from urine, skin, and breathing, and they are in a physiological state of water shortage after getting up in the morning.
If the water is not replenished in time, it is not conducive to the discharge of liver and kidney metabolism and metabolites, and is not conducive to the absorption of breakfast food, but also may cause constipation, induce cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and kidney disease.
Therefore, immediately after getting up in the morning, drink 1 to 2 cups (200 to 400 ml) of warm boiled water, which not only has a washing effect on the organs of the elderly, but also has great benefits for improving organ function and preventing the occurrence of geriatric diseases.
  In the morning, the spleen of the human body is sluggish, and the stomach is not moist, which often makes people’s appetite low, especially for the elderly.
Therefore, the elderly breakfast is best not to eat fried, hard, greasy food, otherwise it will cause food to stagnate in the stomach, causing indigestion.
The breakfast for the elderly is best for nutritious and digestible foods, such as milk, noodles, soy milk, bread, etc., especially suitable for eating porridge, because porridge is nourishing the stomach and is beneficial to the body.
If you can add nutritious health food such as lotus seeds, white fungus, and red dates to the porridge, the effect is better.

Symptoms of lymphoma have some common manifestations

Symptoms of lymphoma have some common manifestations

Lymph is ubiquitous and almost all of the body has lymphoid tissue.

No clear cause of lymphoma has been found, but some are considered to be the main cause of the increased incidence of lymphoma.

So what are the symptoms of lymphoma?

Here is a detailed introduction, let’s get to know it.

Symptoms of lymphoma are common. 1. Lymph nodes are progressive, painless and enlarged, and are seen in complications, followed by underarms or groin.

In some cases, only deep lymph nodes, such as the upper and lower diaphragms, and superficial complications, lymph nodes in the underarms and groin are not swollen and painful.

Lymph nodes can be large from yellow beans to jujube, medium hardness, tough, uniform and plump.

2, spleen, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly are common, and there are complications in the spleen in about 2/3 cases.

Liver involvement can cause hepatomegaly, liver pain and yellow ulcers.

In some cases, hepatosplenomegaly can be the first symptom, but because most of the patients have no abnormal liver function, and because the tumor is diffuse, it is not easy to find.

3, fever, night sweats and weight loss are generally irregular moderate fever, sometimes can be presented fever, a fever can last for several days or weeks, followed by a period of inferior heat, gradually shortened after the heat-free periodAnd develop to continue to be hot.

There are also a small number of patients with relatively insidious lesions, but often have low fever.

4, other systemic symptoms In addition to the above symptoms, malignant lymphoma often involves the nervous system, skin, bone marrow and so on.

Because the clinical manifestations of the disease are relatively hidden, it is not easy to be detected. If the patient can detect the symptoms early and seek medical treatment in time, the cure rate will be greatly improved.

What is the way to prevent bladder adenocarcinoma?

What is the way to prevent bladder adenocarcinoma?

Bladder adenocarcinoma is very harmful, but developing good habits can prevent it.

So what are the ways to prevent bladder adenocarcinoma?

Take a look at the introduction below.

Ways to prevent bladder adenocarcinoma, do not eat too much salty and spicy food, do not eat too much, too cold, expired and degraded food; old and frail or have some disease genetics, eat some anti-cancer foods as appropriateAnd alkaline foods with high alkali content, maintain a good mental state.

Second, have a good attitude to cope with stress, work and rest, do not fatigue.

It can be seen that stress is an important cause of cancer. Chinese medicine believes that stress leads to excessive physical weakness, which leads to decreased immune function, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders in the body, leading to the deposition of acidic substances in the body. Stress can also lead to mental stress causing qi stagnation and blood stasis.Invagination and so on.

Third, do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, eggs, moldy food, etc., to eat some green organic food, to prevent disease from mouth.

Fourth, strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and exercise more in the sun. Excessive sweating can excrete acidic substances in the body with sweat, avoiding the formation of acidic constitution.

Fifth, people who have regular life and irregular living habits, such as singing karaoke all night, playing mahjong, and not returning to sleep at night, will increase the acidification of the body and become prone to cancer.

Properly develop good habits to maintain a weak alkaline constitution and keep various cancer diseases away from you.

Sixth, do not eat contaminated food, such as moldy food, etc., to eat some green organic food, to prevent disease from mouth.

Hold me for a minute every day!

Hold me for a minute every day!

It is very easy for a man to fall in love with a woman. The key is whether it can last.

After a pair of young couples gave birth to children, they began to live in separate beds.

Work tired during the day and cope with children at night, and there are fewer and fewer words between the two.

“I have a solemn request.

The woman first called the latent crisis between them, so she told the man.

“any request?

The man asked casually.

  ”Hold me a minute every day.

“The man looks at the woman and smiles.” Is it necessary?

“I made this request and it proved to be very necessary.”

If you send this question, it proves that it is necessary.

“In the heart, why should you express it.”

“If you don’t express it, we can’t get married.”

“I was originally at the beginning, isn’t it deeper now?”

“No expression is not necessarily deep, and expression is not necessarily pretentious.”

The two quarreled. Finally, in order to calm the war earlier, the man compromised.

He went to the bed and hugged the woman for a minute.

Smiled: “You are a vanity guy.”

“Every woman will be vain for love.

“she says.

  Every day thereafter, he will take time to hold her for a while.

Gradually, the relationship between the two is full of a new harmony.

While hugging each day, although the two often do nothing, the silence of silence and non-embrace is intentionally different in context and meaning.

  Finally, one day, the woman was going to study for a long time. Before she got on the train, she said to him: “You are finally relieved.

“I will want to hold you.”

The man smiled.

  Sure enough, she received a call from her husband the next day at the college. Suddenly, her eyes were filled with tears.

  Indeed, for the men and women who love each other, after the collision of passion, the marriage is as simple as a village girl.

People often use the excuse of “plain is true” to escape the numbness and roughness of the long-held relationship, but do not understand, if we are used to living in love every day, like habitual love, then, inThe love of our palms and chest will never be cold.

Wudang Ba Duan Jin, the most cute health transceiver, fast collection!

Wudang Ba Duan Jin, the most cute health transceiver, fast collection!

The eight-segment Jingong method is an independent and complete fitness exercise. This exercise is divided into eight sections, each of which is an action. It is called “eight-section Jin”. It does not require equipment, and is not subject to site limitations. It is easy to learn and saves time.The effect is extremely significant; the effect is suitable for men, women and children, which can make the thin person strong and lose weight.


Undertake the action of the upper section, the left foot is a big step upwards, and the erect posture is open, the hands are lightly clenched, the fists are backward, the tiger’s mouth is inward, the natural arm is lowered, and the second eye is in front of the health care.2.

Hands clasped into a vertical fist (fist heart inward, tiger mouth up), raised to the chest, arms raised health and massage Song Dynasty China eight Duan Jin 3.

左手作手诀(拇指,食二指成八字掌,其余三指蜷曲),右手仍保持竖拳,上身直立下沉,屈膝蹲成马步桩,头略左转,注视上方方养生推拿宋朝 中国八Duan Jin 4.

Push your left hand to the left until the arms are straight and look at the tip of your index finger.

At the same time, the right hand is about to pull to the front of the right arm, the fist heart is inward, the elbow arm is raised and the health is massaged and the Song Dynasty China Ba Duanjin 5.

The left hand clenched the fist, turned the wrist, and became the fist heart to the right health to massage the Song Dynasty Chinese eight Duan Jin 6.

When the left fist slowly pulled back to the left chest, the right fist was slightly pleated, the two fists were opposite to the chest, the two fists were about the two breasts, the head and neck turned positive, and the gaze contained the health massage. The Song Dynasty Chinese Ba Duan Jin health push宋朝中国 八段锦养生,推拿,宋朝,中国,八段锦,古法,