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[Can you eat figs with high blood sugar]_Eating figs_Can you

[Can you eat figs with high blood sugar]_Eating figs_Can you

Fig is a fruit that many people like to eat. It is also a fruit with a unique taste and a high nutritional value.

Of course, although figs are delicious, not everyone can eat them at will. It is said that for patients with high blood sugar, they can not eat more figs, because figs have a certain sugar content.

Here’s the knowledge about figs!

First, can fig be suitable for patients with high blood sugar, but it should be eaten in moderation, fig fruit has a sugar content of 15-20%, mainly containing fructose, glucose, polyalcohol, and rich in dietary fiber (0.

7%); starch content is less than 3.


Figs contain about 1.

0% protein, 18 kinds of human-available amino acids, of which aspartic acid and glutamic acid are high, respectively, 0.

475% 0.


Obviously, figs are low-sugar and high-fiber fruits, which has a significant effect in eliminating hyperglycemic residues in patients with hyperglycemia and the human body, eliminating fatigue and restoring physical fitness.

Second, the efficacy and role of figs 1.

Spleen and digestion, laxative laxative fig contains malic acid, citric acid, trace enzymes, protease, protease, etc., can help the body digest food, promote appetite, and because it contains a variety of lipids, it has laxative and laxativeEffect.


Lowering blood lipids, lowering blood pressure The trace enzymes and decomposing enzymes contained in figs have the function of lowering blood lipids and decomposing blood lipids, so they can lower blood lipids, reduce slight deposits in blood vessels, reduce the blood pressure of robes, and prevent coronary heart disease.


Liyan swelling fig contains citric acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid, malic acid, propionic acid, oxalic acid, quinic acid and other substances, which has the function of anti-inflammatory and swelling, and can benefit swallowing and swelling.


Supplement nutrition Fig contains a large amount of sugars, lipids, proteins, cellulose, vitamins, inorganic salts and essential amino acids, etc., which can effectively supplement the body’s nutritional components and enhance the body’s disease resistance.


Anti-cancer and anti-cancer immature fruit milk contains active ingredients such as psoralen and bergamot lactone, and an aromatic substance “benzaldehyde” can be extracted from the juice of its mature fruits.It can prevent the occurrence of liver cancer, lung cancer and gastric cancer, delay the development of transplanted adenocarcinoma and lymphosarcoma, and make it degenerate.

Third, the nutritional value of figs 1.

Fig dried cancer selenium has the special function of supplementing selenium, enhancing the body’s immunity and resisting diseases.


Dried figs contain malic acid, citric acid, trace enzymes, proteases, recombinases, etc., which can invigorate the spleen and digestion, and intestinal laxative.


The trace enzymes and decomposing enzymes contained in dried figs have the function of reducing blood lipids and decomposing blood lipids.


Dried figs contain citric acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid, malic acid, alanine, oxalic acid, quinic acid and other substances, which have the function of anti-inflammatory and swelling, which can benefit swallowing and swelling.


Dried figs contain “benzaldehyde”, which has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Yongtai Energy (600157) debt restructuring event review: Debt restructuring brings new opportunities to operations

Yongtai Energy (600157) debt restructuring event review: Debt restructuring brings new opportunities to operations

Report Summary: Events: On July 31, 2019, Yongtai Energy issued an announcement on the progress of debt restructuring. It will respond to the debt crisis by implementing debt-to-equity swaps, deferring creditor’s rights, reducing corporate financial costs, and combining the disposal of non-core assets.

The debt restructuring plan was implemented, and the debt crisis facilitated resolution.

After the implementation of the company’s debt restructuring plan, the current liquidity problems have been resolved, the core business operations will be more stable, and operating cash flow will continue to increase.

The company’s loan interest rate will be reduced to the benchmark interest rate, which will reduce the company’s financial expenses and increase its profitability.

The installed capacity is considerable, and new power projects are developing rapidly.

The company has 8.12 million kilowatts of installed generating capacity in operation and 4.32 million kilowatts of installed capacity under construction.

The construction of SDIC Nanyang thermal power generation project is progressing rapidly, of which 1 # and 2 # units are expected to be put into operation in October this year and next year; the first unit of Zhangjiagang Huaxing Phase II Expansion Gas Turbine Cogeneration Project is expected to start production before the end of this year; Danyang HuahaiThe gas turbine thermal power project has begun in April this year. At present, the overall construction is progressing steadily and will be put into production on schedule.

Coking coal reserves are abundant and production capacity continues to expand.

The company’s existing coal resources reserves38.

5.2 billion tons, of which 9 are high-quality coking coal resources.

31 billion tons can ensure 1,000 tons / year of stable production for more than 30 years.

The total capacity of the company’s coking coal and coking coal mines is 975 years.

After the delimitation of the Haizetan coal mine area, the planned production capacity is 600 tons / year, and it is expected to be put into production in 2021.

The company has 7 in Australia.

800 million tons of high-quality coal resources. In the next 5 years, we will continue to invest in projects such as the Australian Moran Coal Mine. After the current projects under construction have been put into operation, the company’s production capacity can reach 1900 tons / year.

Company profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s 2019-2021 revenue is expected to be 229.

08, 238.

01 and 243.

2.5 billion, with a net profit of 5.

92, 9.

41 and 11.

82 trillion, EPS is 0.

04, 0.

06 and 0.

08 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable PE value 杭州桑拿 of 41, 25 and 20 times respectively, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk reminder: The new project puts into operation less than expected, and the demand for coking coal is less than expected.

[Can pregnant women eat eight treasure porridge?

Pregnant women can eat some kind of porridge]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat eight treasure porridge?
Pregnant women can eat some kind of porridge]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Babao porridge is often used in daily life. In addition to being canned and ready-to-eat, you can also make it at home. The reason why it is called Babao porridge is that it contains more than eight kinds of cereals.Sweet and delicious, high nutritional value. Babao porridge may have rich vitamins and trace elements, which can supplement protein to the human body. Babao porridge can also be consumed during pregnancy, but canned is not recommended because canned Babao porridge adds a lot of sugar, Prone to the risk of gestational diabetes, want to drink eight treasure porridge can also be made at home, adding a small amount of rock sugar, homemade eight treasure porridge, only a little embellishment effect, it will be safer to eat.

Can pregnant women eat Babao porridge Babao porridge can be eaten in small amounts by pregnant women.

But canned Babao porridge is not recommended for regular consumption.

If pregnant women want to eat Babao Porridge, you can make Babao Porridge by yourself, but try to add as few raw materials as longan and barley, which are not suitable for pregnancy.

Canned Babao Porridge also appears on the market. Experts recommend that you do not eat canned Babao Porridge during pregnancy. Pregnant women often eat canned Babao Porridge. The effects of canned Babao Porridge are high: 1. It can increase the risk of gestational diabetes if eaten, Affecting mother and child safety during pregnancy.

2. Canned Babao porridge may be added with some additives such as preservatives during the production process. These additives may cause adverse effects on development and development during pregnancy. Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

If you really want to use Babao Porridge to relieve diarrhea, you may refer to some nutritional ingredients that some pregnant women can eat and make a bowl of “Babao Porridge” yourself.

For the health of herself and her fetus, pregnant mothers need to pay more attention to their diet during pregnancy.

Porridge is especially suitable for pregnant women.

Because of the baby’s sake, the pregnant mommy has weak gastrointestinal function, and generally has a large response in the early stages of pregnancy. She doesn’t want to eat, nausea, and vomiting. This is a good choice for drinking porridge.

But for pregnant women, pay attention not to put too much water, otherwise it will cause too much stomach acid.

Because the cooking time is long and the nutrients in the porridge are fully precipitated, the porridge is even nutritious and easy to absorb.

Ingredients for fresh and smooth fish fillet: high-quality previous rice, grass carp 100g each, pork 200g, yuba 40g, monosodium glutamate 1g, refined salt, ginger, green onion, Taibai powder 5g each, coriander 10g, pepper 0, 5g, sesame oil 20g.

Steps: 1. Wash and crush pork bones.

2. Soybeans are softened with warm water.

3. The previous rice was washed clean.

4. Add pork bones, rice, and yuba to a casserole, add water (about 1500g), boil over high heat, and use low heat for 1 and a half hours, add salt (3g), monosodium glutamate (0.

5g), adjust the taste and pick out the pork bones.

5. Wash the grass carp (or catfish), cut into large pieces with an oblique knife, the thickness is preferably 0,3cm, mix well with salt, too white powder, ginger, sesame oil, pour into the rolled porridge and gently disperse,After the porridge is rolled up, lift it away from the fire, raise it in a bowl, sprinkle with pepper, sesame oil and serve.

Carp porridge ingredients: 300 grams of carp, 50 grams of glutinous rice, salt, green onion, ginger, sesame oil.

Steps: 1. Scrap and clean the carp and cook the soup for later use.

2. Add 50 grams of glutinous rice to the carp soup to make a gruel, add oil, salt, spring onion, and ginger to taste.

China National Travel Service (601888): A Hyperlink Reconnects, Consumption Returns to Huge Space

China National Travel Service (601888): A Hyperlink Reconnects, Consumption Returns to Huge Space

Investment Highlights: China National Travel Service focuses on tax exemption and deeply cultivates domestic and foreign markets.

After shortening the travel agency business in early 2019, China National Travel Service focused on the duty-free operation business operated by the China Exempted Company. At this stage, it holds the most complete tax-free business license.

The company achieved tax-free sales income of USD 33.2 billion in 2018, accounting for more than 80% of the tax-free market in mainland China, and is the strongest tax-free operator in China.

Along with the continuous growth of Chinese residents ‘consumption levels and outbound travel demand, the tax-free industry will continue to maintain double-digit growth. Under the current tax-free and accounting policies, the scale advantage and regional location of China National Travel Service will ensure continued industry growth in the coming years.Dividend eaves.

  Outlying island tax exemption continues to be supported, and exclusive placeholders bring long-term profitability.

With reference to overseas experience, Hainan has implemented the outlying island tax exemption policy to promote the development of local tourism.

Under the background of several policy sanctions, China National Tourism Organization seized the opportunity to promote the development of Sanya Haitang Bay International Duty Free City. The single-store expenditure in 2019 is expected to exceed 10 billion.

In the meantime, the company previously expected to hold the Hainan Duty Free Group, which can indirectly grasp the Haikou and Boao stores opened in early 2019, and then invest in large-scale tax-free overall projects in Haikou, forming the exclusive island-free duty-free location and license advantages covering the north and south of the island.

  Airport duty-free guides the return of consumption, and the hub airport bid segment brings scale advantages.

At present, airport duty-free air tickets account for 55%, of which Beijing and Shanghai airports are the best. As the most important entry-exit core hub in North and East China, it shoulders the important duty of returning tax-free consumption.

The China-Immigration and Japan-Japan cooperation in operating the Beijing-Shanghai Airport duty-free operators reached a sales scale of nearly US $ 20 billion in 2018. Subsequently, Beijing added Daxing Airport and Shanghai added Pudong Satellite Hall to further enhance the high-level passenger flow.Internal duty-free shops and online duty-free booking channels will continue to stimulate consumer conversion rates and customer unit prices.

The scale effect of Beijing and Shanghai will lay the foundation for the future expansion of category and wholesale advantages of China Exempted Company.

  Global competition is fierce, and China-Mexico’s profits are much higher than the industry average.

The Korean, European and American models are facing fierce competition and the constant increase in the deduction rate, and their profit margins are relatively limited.

If the market level and first-mover advantage currently obtained by China Exempted Company can be maintained, it will have a long-term higher profit base.

The valuation of similar companies’ price-earnings ratios and market-to-sales ratios are both high during the period of rapid development. From the perspective of current business strategies, we believe that the market-to-sales ratio of 3合肥夜网-4 times matches the corresponding market potential space of the company and is accompanied by continuous policyLanding and conversion, the P / E ratio will be quickly digested.

Taking into account the unexpected performance in Hainan since the fourth quarter, the 2019-2021 profit forecast is raised to 48.



2.3 billion (originally expected to return to mother’s net profit of 44.



180 thousand yuan), corresponding EPS is 2.



08 yuan / share, corresponding to PE is 35/32/28 times, the company’s corresponding target price under the FCFF model is 98.

74 yuan, still 13.

2% increase space, maintain “overweight” rating.

  Risk Warning: 1.

China’s tax-free industry is greatly affected by policies and has uncertainty in policy guidance; 2.

2. Non-operating factors such as 深圳桑拿网 tax rates and exchange rates have an impact on the company’s operations and do not have internal controllability; 3.

Macroeconomic and consumer preferences can affect consumers’ consumption of duty-free goods, etc.

Red Wall Shares (002809): Product structure continued to be optimized. 1H2019 net profit attributable to mothers increased 39.53%

Red Wall Shares (002809): Product structure continued to be optimized. 1H2019 net profit attributable to mothers increased 39.53%
1H2019 achieved net profit attributable to mother 0.610,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.53%.The company announced 1H2019 to achieve revenue 4.80,000 yuan, ten-year average of 0.21%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.610,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.53%; EPS0 achieved.51 yuan / share.Among them, 2Q2019 achieved revenue 2.98 ppm, with a ten-year average of 5.03%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.44 ppm, an increase of 48 in ten years.71%. Proactively adjust the product structure, and significantly reduce the proportion of cement revenue.The report summary, in order to improve the efficiency of capital use, the company gradually reduced the scale of the cement distribution business and optimized the product structure.1H2019 company’s concrete admixture business achieved revenue4.USD 3.1 billion, an annual increase of 9.48%, accounting for 89% of revenue.68%.Cement distribution achieved zero revenue.49 trillion, a decrease of 42 a year.55%, accounting for 10.27%. The price of raw materials has dropped, and the gross profit margin of the product structure has improved significantly.The main raw material of the company’s main product polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent is polyether monomer. The continuous price of polyether monomer is reported to continue to decline. According to the statistics of Baichuan Information, the average price of polyether monomer in 1H2019 is 10365 yuan / ton, which is earlierIn the same period last year, RMB 12,593 / tonne fell by 18% year-on-year.At the same time, the company’s revenue ratio of reducing the low-margin product cement was changed, and the company’s gross profit margin in 1H2019 was 33 under the overall impact.44%, a significant increase of 8 a year.99 units. The R & D center project was basically completed, which further enhanced the company’s research capabilities.The main body of the R & D center of the company’s IPO investment project has been basically completed. The completion of the R & D center project has transformed the company’s R & D hard power and can play a positive role in attracting and training R & D talents.At the same time, we believe that the completion of the research and development center will further improve the company’s new product design and research and development capabilities, which will help the company to improve product quality, reduce product costs, and improve the company’s economic benefits. profit prediction.We expect that the company EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.94 yuan, 1.14 yuan and 1.29 yuan, combined with comparable companies’ estimated levels, we give companies 17-19 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 15.98 yuan-17.86 yuan, maintaining the sustainable market rating. Risk warning: raw material price fluctuations; downstream 杭州桑拿网 demand fluctuations.

Great Wall Securities: Pharmaceutical sector outperforms three main concerns during SARS

Great Wall Securities: Pharmaceutical sector outperforms three main concerns during SARS
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  The short-term focus on specimens that directly benefit the epidemic, and the long-term focus on changes in the pharmaceutical industry-New Coronavirus Topics in the Pharmaceutical Industry During the Spring FestivalImproved diagnosis and treatment methods, supplemented by increased staff circulation after the holiday, and the number of confirmed cases of the epidemic has entered the climbing phase. Since February 3, the number of new cases nationwide has exceeded 3,000 for 4 consecutive days, until 24:00 on February 6, the country gradually reported31,161 confirmed cases, 26,359 suspected cases, 636 dead cases, and 1,540 discharged patients.  Coronavirus was originally isolated from chickens in 1937. After 2000, coronavirus caused many large outbreaks, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and Wuhan’s new coronavirus infection pneumonia (2019-nCoV).In comparison, 2019-nCoV has obvious characteristics of high infectivity and low lethality. Based on the experience of SARS prevention and control, the level of detection technology has improved, medical facilities have been improved, and the situation of disease prevention has continued to spread.  During the outbreak, the Shenwan Pharmaceutical Index once again clearly outperformed the market.During the diffusion period and the outbreak period, chemical raw materials, chemical pharmaceuticals, and biological products performed relatively well. Among them, the bulk of chemical raw materials rose during the diffusion period, up to 15%, mainly because of the rebound in vitamin C prices in 2002.In 2003, it still maintained a high price. In addition, vitamin C can improve immunity and expand demand, becoming one of the winners in the follow-up market.  The forthcoming new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has brought a marked increase in market panic, the pharmaceutical sector is expected to continue to heat up, and the HSI’s volatility will increase by 35% from January 14 to February 6, 2020, much higher than the original SARSThe increase (6%) from the WHO announcement to the end of the epidemic.  Investment suggestion: In the short term, the epidemic situation will lead to the release of market sentiment, especially after the market ‘s amplitude changes on February 3, the pharmaceutical sector is clearly differentiated, and personal protection, medical devices, medical services, blood products, and therapeutic drugs can be concentrated in the short termFor those directly benefiting related subjects, it is recommended to pay attention to: Mindray Medical (300760), Jinyu Medical (603882), Boya Bio (300294), Menova (603538), Kaipu Bio (300639), etc.  At the same time, we consider the epidemic 厦门夜网 to be an emergency and have a greater impact on the long-term investment logic of the pharmaceutical industry. It is recommended to focus on three main investment lines: 1. Accelerate the development of innovative drugs; 2. Increase the demand for medical devices; 3. Gradual consumption habitsChange; and opportunities after the leader drops.Focus on Haipu Rui (002399), Tiger Medical (300347), Mindray Medical (300760), Wandong Medical (600055), Midea Health (002044), Hengrui Medical (600276).  Risk reminders: the risk of continued spread of the epidemic; market assessment risks; economic growth risks; risks of industry policy changes.

Guanghui Automobile (600297): Sales performance of industry is slightly lower than expected

Guanghui Automobile (600297): Sales performance of industry is slightly lower than expected

Event: The company released the first quarter report of 2019, and the company realized revenue of USD 37.3 billion in the first quarter of 2019, which gradually increased by 5.

5%; net profit attributable to mother reaches 8.

0 billion, down 28 a year.

3%; net profit after deducting non-attribution amounted to 8.

60,000 yuan, an average of 20 years.


19Q1 sales performance in some industries, performance slightly higher than expected.

19Q1 passenger car sales reached 5.26 million units, every -13.

7%; the company’s new car 杭州夜网论坛sales reached 20.

30,000 units, with a ten-year average of 1.

8%, sales performance is significantly engaged in the industry.

In 19Q1, it is expected that the discount intensity will increase in the same period last year. In the first quarter of 2019, the company achieved revenue of 37.3 billion US dollars, exceeding the ratio of 5.


Affected by the increase in expenses and the one-time impairment, the company’s net profit attributable to its parent reached 8.

0 billion, down 28 a year.


The gross profit margin improved significantly month-on-month, and the three expense ratios increased.

1Q1’s overall gross profit margin reached 10.

8%, previous / mom +0 respectively.

3pct / + 1.

5pct; gross profit margin improved significantly from the previous quarter, which is expected to be mainly due to the increase in the proportion of after-sales and derivative businesses.

The three expense ratios total 7.

1%, an increase of 0 from the previous month.

8pct; sales / management / financial expense ratios are 3 respectively.

twenty one.

9% / 2.

0pct, respectively, are -0.

4pct / + 0.

5pct / + 0.

7pc, of which the financial expense ratio has increased, mainly due to the increase in the scale of funds raised and increased expenditure.

Expect industry sales to recover and maintain a “Buy” rating.

From the middle of last year to the present, the auto market has continued to experience negative growth, dealers’ operating pressure has increased, the industry has accelerated its initial clearance, and its concentration has continued to increase.

The Development and Reform Commission and the Air Force of the Ministry of Commerce have repeatedly stated that they will introduce a stimulus policy for the automotive industry. As a domestic distributor leader, Guanghui will benefit first when the industry sales recover.

At the same time, the company improved its brand structure through mergers and acquisitions of luxury brand stores, continued expansion of its customer base, and stable growth in after-sales and derivative businesses.

We are optimistic about the future development of the company. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 37.

100 million / 42.


200 million, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: the store expansion progress is less than expected, and the stimulus policy is less than expected; the risk of goodwill impairment;

Test: How difficult is your love?

Test: How difficult is your love?

Translation: What kind of ingredients do you like the most when eating spicy pot?


Various meats B.

Pig blood or visceral class C.

Mushroom or seafood D.

Tofu or greens A.

Choosing “all kinds of meat” you always love wrong, so you often make you cry.

  50% of disaster index of love: This type of person loves face very much. If they love someone, they will love each other very much, but if they are in a small state, they will act impulsively. If the other person does not want to recoverAt this time, he would secretly shed tears and suffer internal injuries.


If you choose “pig blood or internal organs”, you will be an emotional victim.

  The index of love disasters is 99%: this type of person is more perfect in the personality of love, can see a lot of situations, at this time he will hesitate in the heart whether or not to be with each other, but the heart is very soft, the otherIf you are good to yourself and refuse to refuse, in this case make yourself very tormented.


The rumors of choosing “mushrooms or seafood” are so misleading that you get crazy.

  The index of love disasters is 80%: This type of heterosexuality is too good, and it is easy to get noticed in the group, but when it is noticed, it will provoke a lot of three aunts and six wives to speak bad words nearby, making them very angry.


Choosing “Tofu or Greens” If you currently want to live a bland life, you know how to avoid evil.

  Love disaster index is 20%: This type of person spends a lot of time on work or life, and his mood has already stopped. Friends or life is the most important thing.

The best way to control appetite

The best way to control appetite

Inserting ears to control appetite According to the theory of Chinese medicine, there are several acupoints on the auricle of a person that are connected to the brain’s appetite control center. Stimulating those points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss.

  Control high blood pressure: Forefinger stops the obesity point in the right ear for 1 minute, then change the left ear to do the same.

  Principle: When the stomach and the stomach send an “I’m hungry” signal to the hypothalamus that controls appetite, people will have the desire to eat, and the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

  Avoid eating under stress: Hold the right Shenmen with your thumb and index finger for one minute, then do the same with your left ear.

  Principle: Many times people eat too much, not because the body really needs it, but because of stress.

Inserting Shenmen can soothe the body, reduce tension, and relax the nerves that stimulate appetite.

  Prolong satiety: Tap the endocrine point on the right ear for 60 times with your index finger, and repeat for the left ear.

  Principle: Prevent the endocrine point from transferring acupoints to the hypothalamus to limit the production of hormones that cause high temperature, and increase the secretion of hormones that make people feel full.

  Reduce adult accumulation in the abdomen: tap the stomach acupoint on the right ear 60 times with the little finger, and repeat for the left ear.

  Principle: Abdominal fat accumulation is caused by flatulence and indigestion. Stimulation of the stomach point can make digestive hormones active and improve digestion ability to break down excess food.

  Drink a glass of water first to make the mouth and stomach feel like something is passing. The moisture can support the stomach space, avoid obesity, and slow down the urge to eat.

  Tightening the belt, tightening the belt on the extremities can increase the pressure on the abdomen and reduce the space in the stomach. If combined with the transfer of concentration, it can effectively relieve appetite.

  Increasing the pressure of life will promote the secretion of sympathetic neurons in the brain. This endocrine will suppress appetite and promote slight burning, so often keep yourself busy and you will no longer be there!

  A cup of coffee or green tea coffee contains caffeine. Green tea contains catechins and polyphenols. These ingredients can promote metabolism, increase heat production, and help weight loss.

  Eat some fruit or sugar before meals. Research from St. George’s College of Medicine in London, England, found that everyone had glucose before meals, while the other group ate normally.

After two weeks of observation, it was found that the group who ate glucose before meals gained less weight.

It can be seen that sweets before meals can reduce appetite and avoid eating too much.

  In addition, as long as you grasp a few simple principles in life, you can take into account the quality of life and reduce the need to transfer.

These principles include: three meals a day, do not eat any snacks outside of three meals, drink soup first, then eat vegetables, and finally eat meat and rice slowly, concentrate on eating, do not gobble, use steaming, cooking, coldCook in other ways, eat less high-fat foods such as peanuts, seeds, cashews, walnuts, do n’t eat snacks or desserts, drink less sugary drinks or wine, do n’t put snacks and junk food in the office or home, and try to eat when you are not satisfiedTry sugarless gum . wait a minute.

foods that get thinner and thinner.

In addition to being rich in vitamins A, B1, and B2, the most important thing is that it is rich in cellulose and minerals, which can help to remove waste and accumulated moisture from the body, thereby reducing the effects of thin legs.


The linseed oleic acid of sesame can remove the plasma attached to the blood vessels, make the metabolism better, and make it easier to lose weight and close your legs.


Although bananas are high in calories, they are very low in trace amounts, and they are rich in potassium, full of belly and low in fat, which can reduce the accumulation of traces in the lower body. It is an ideal food for weight loss.


Apples Apples contain unique malic acid, which can accelerate metabolism and reduce the lower body’s aunt, and it contains more calcium than other fruits, which can reduce the salt of the unpleasant lower body edema.


Red beans and red beans contain the caustic acid component, which can increase the peristalsis of the large intestine, promote urination and reduce constipation, thereby clearing the lower body.


Papaya has a unique proteolytic enzyme that can remove the aunt that accumulates in the lower body due to eating meat, and the pectin contained in the papaya meat is an excellent bowel detergent, which can reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.


Watermelon is a diuretic expert in fruit. Eating more watermelon can reduce the excess water left in the body, and the sugar content is not high, and eating more will not cause fat.


Vitamin B2 in the egg helps to remove slightness. In addition, it contains nicotinic acid and vitamin B1 to remove lower body fat.


Grapefruit everyone knew early on that grapefruit is very low in calories, and it will not be fat if you eat more, but it turns out that it is also rich in potassium, which helps reduce the lower body’s aunt and moisture accumulation.

It does not contain trace amounts and is delicious. In the final analysis, it is also a must-eat for weight loss. It turns out that its rich plant fiber can make the lower body lymphatics unblocked and prevent the legs from becoming swollen.

Spinach because it can promote blood circulation, so that the legs farthest from the heart can absorb enough nutrients, balance metabolism, detoxification and thin legs are easy.


Celery Celery Cholesterol is rich in calcium, which can supplement[foot bone strength], instead of containing potassium, it can reduce the accumulation of water in the lower body.

Peanuts are extremely rich in vitamin B2 and nicotinic acid, which can bring high-quality protein, long meat without fat, and secondly, it can also eliminate the fat from the lower body.

Six most common mistakes in the office!

Six most common mistakes in the office!

There is a basic truth in the office: Careless little negligence can sometimes lead to a career trap.

If you know where the trap is, you can avoid it.

The well-known American Beton-Dixon Human Resources Company has conducted an investigation on more than 2,000 company executives. According to the opinions of these executives, the following 6 most common mistakes are summarized: 1. Act lightly.

  There must be conflicts in improvement. Before you make a decision, you must “think twice.”

It is even more important that if you are in conflict with someone who may cause you to lose your job, you must ask yourself, what kind of results do I want?

  2. The role is unknown.

  If your supervisor doesn’t say clearly what your responsibilities are and what your job requirements are, you should keep asking until you fully understand.

Find out your role in the company, and properly play and merge your responsibilities, so as not to make yourself embarrassed everywhere.

  3, singles alone.

  Samantha worked for a computer company in California. She first worked as a marketing manager and often quarreled with the finance department for the expansion of her subordinates. Later she was transferred to the director of the business training program and needed the finance department to support her training budget.

Samantha moved to teach and took the initiative to improve the relationship with the Finance Department. She had good luck and received the support of the treasurer. They formed long-term allies and the training program was a great success.

  4. Indecisive.

  If you have intermittent problems with oligo oligonucleotides, you can try a simple “framed” method. It seems that when shooting, your focus will be on the subject, and the other minor things are the background.

Similarly, in the decision-making process, if you can focus on the most important issues, the importance will become more and more obvious, and it will be easier to make decisions.

  5. Poor adaptability.

  According to the survey, 60% of managers believe that “development, insufficient adaptability” is one of the first reasons for frustration.

If you have a wide range of skills that can be applied widely, it is even more beneficial to sell yourself to employers.

Today’s work environment is constantly changing. Letting others know that you learn fast and learn well may be the best job security.

  6. Conceal mistakes.

  The best way to make mistakes is to acknowledge and correct them as soon as possible, and to learn from them, and gradually stop repeating similar mistakes.

To deal with mistakes, we must face them positively, and find ways to reduce losses. As long as we handle them properly, our personal image and prestige may not be damaged and the overall situation will not be hindered.