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[Can the fungus and onion be fried together]_Onion_Black fungus_Can I fry together

[Can the fungus and onion be fried together]_Onion_Black fungus_Can I fry together

The fungus and onion can be fried together. This is also a relatively famous dish. It belongs to the Lu subdivision. It is full of juice, sweet and crisp on the outside, and has high nutritional value.It has the effect of adsorbing toxic substances in the body, and the onion contains prostaglandin A, which has a certain refreshing effect on the prevention of male prostatitis.

Fried onion fungus is a delicious and famous dish, similar to Lu.

Sweet and crispy on the outside and full of juice.

Black fungus, onion, chicken essence, salt, oil.

Production method 1, soak the black fungus in warm water for two hours, wash the root impurities, pick a small flower, squeeze the water for use, and cut the onion at will;Minutes, stir-fry the green onions; 4, stir in the black fungus for a minute; 5. Add the appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce and chicken essence, stir fry for a while, then pan out.

If you add eggs or meat to the fried onions, you can prepare the eggs or meat in advance and add to the pan before the last step.

Cut a medium-sized onion one crosswise and then cut two vertically. Don’t worry that the onion pieces are too large and not easy to ripen, because during the frying process, the chunky onions will naturally disperse into petals;After the pan, do not rush to add any seasonings except oil.

One is because the fat will fully lock the moisture inside the onion, and the other is that the aroma of the onion will be fully integrated into the oil when it is fried through the fire, and the aroma of the dish will be stronger and fuller;Stir fry so as to maintain the fullness of the sweet and crispy juice on the outside.

[Can I eat barbecue during pregnancy?

】 _Pregnant woman_Can you eat

[Can I eat barbecue during pregnancy?
】 _Pregnant woman_Can you eat

In the summer, barbecue is a hobby of many people. At present, there are young people who like to add a few friends together and drink while eating barbecue.It ‘s harmful to your health, and sometimes it ‘s easy to gain weight by eating barbecue often. Can women eat barbecue during pregnancy?

Can I eat barbecue during pregnancy?
Grilling is a favorite of many women, but for expectant mothers during pregnancy, can I eat barbecue?

For this question, let’s take a look at the answers provided by the experts and some guidance suggestions.

Pregnant women eat barbecue. The greatest danger of food poisoning comes from raw and undercooked meat, as colon, Salmonella, and Campylobacter may be parasitic.

During pregnancy, the body’s immune system does not function as well as usual, so it is more likely to be infected by all bacteria that cause food poisoning, and more likely to get sick.

However, although these bacteria may cause serious mothers to contract serious diseases, they will not directly affect the baby by the fetus.

In addition, many spices used in barbecue have certain hidden dangers to the health of the mother and fetus.

Pepper to Okara hot spicy spicy food, “With the interest rate spectrum of home eating” Author: eat flare up dry liquid, gas consumption Shangyin, expelling abortion, so pregnant women bogey.

Therefore, pregnant women should never eat more.

Zanthoxylum is mild and spicy, but according to previous experience, pregnant women should not eat more Zanthoxylum.

Such as the “Chinese Medicine Dictionary” clearly warned: pregnant women take caution.

However, although expectant mothers are facing a series of challenges when eating barbecue, as long as expectant mothers can notice the following precautions, occasionally eating a few barbecues is fine: 1.

Separate raw and cooked meat in separate containers. Never use cooked food on plates or countertops where raw meat has been stored.

Store the raw meat carefully, and be careful not to let the juice from the raw meat drip onto other foods.


Wait until the charcoal is red and the surface is covered with charcoal ash before grilling food.

Make sure that the frozen food is thawed completely before grilling, and always cover it.


Make sure to grill chicken, pork, burgers, sausages, and skewers all the way through.

You can also fry the meat and meat products in the oven or oven beforehand, and then place them on the grill to add that special barbecue flavor and taste.


Don’t think that the surface of the meat is burnt, it must be completely cooked inside.

Make sure that the meat is free of raw red hearts and roast the gravy.

You can poke the thickest part of the meat with a fork or skewer to check that it is completely cooked.

When baking, often turn the food and move it back and forth on the grill to ensure that it is evenly roasted.


When grilling, the temperature of the charcoal should reach 70 degrees, and it should be roasted for at least two minutes.

[Can pregnant women eat black garlic]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant women eat black garlic]_Pregnancy_Impact

I believe that the garlic that everyone commonly sees in daily life is white, but there is actually another color of garlic, that is, the black garlic is also called black garlic.

Black garlic is mainly a kind of fermented garlic fermented with fresh garlic. Therefore, in the eyes of people who are used to eating black garlic, the nutritional value of black garlic is much higher than fresh garlic. However, pregnant women with children can eat it.Is it black garlic?

Can pregnant women eat black garlic? In fact, pregnant women can eat some black garlic in moderation.

The activity of black garlic is much higher than that of fresh garlic. At the same time, black garlic can have good effects on the body such as lowering cholesterol and improving immunity, and the alkaloids contained in black garlic also have the function of reducing blood sugar and increasing insulinMore importantly, it has no effect on normal blood sugar levels.

Glycine lowers blood sugar levels in the blood, diabetes.

Isoleucine has the function of promoting insulin secretion and regulating blood sugar.

Therefore, black garlic is especially suitable for some pregnant women who are three high.

In addition, after fermentation of the low melting point in black garlic, it will transform the fructose, thereby increasing the sweetness of black garlic. The content of allicin that eliminates sterilization after fermentation is reduced, and the replacement of organic sulfides is reduced.There is a strong tone, so eat some black garlic during pregnancy without worrying too much about the tone.

However, garlic is strongly irritating. It can cause stomach and heartburn if you eat it. In this way, it is easy to stimulate obesity and cause inconvenience. Therefore, pregnant women can take two capsules at a time when eating black garlic. It is not advisable to eat more.

Benefits of eating black garlic for pregnant women

The experiment of enhancing immune function shows that the fat-soluble volatile oil in black garlic can significantly improve the phagocytic function of macrophages and enhance the immune system.

Pregnant women eat black garlic can effectively improve immunity.


Regulate blood sugar and prevent gestational diabetes Black garlic can affect glycogen synthesis in the liver, reduce its blood sugar level and increase plasma insulin level.

Allicin can reduce blood sugar levels in normal people. Black garlic also contains S-methylcysteine sulfite and S-allyl cysteine sulfite, which contains sulfides that can inhibit G-The 6-P enzyme NADPH prevents insulin destruction and has a hypoglycemic effect.

Allyl disulfide in black garlic also has this effect.

The alkaloids contained in black garlic also have components that lower blood sugar and increase insulin function. More importantly, it has no effect on normal blood sugar levels.

Anti-oxidation, anti-aging Oxidation is the biggest threat to aging, and black garlic has very strong anti-oxidation and anti-acidification effects, and is a very good anti-aging food.

Tip: Fermented black garlic has 39 times more active antioxidant polyphenols than raw garlic.

Zhongshun Jierou (002511): Bamboo Pulp and Paper Project Launches Extension of Product Line, Employee Shareholding and Core Leadership

Zhongshun Jierou (002511): Bamboo Pulp and Paper Project Launches Extension of Product Line, Employee Shareholding and Core Leadership

Event 1: The company plans to invest in the construction of an integrated bamboo pulp and paper project.

The company intends to invest in the project in Sichuan, of which bamboo pulp production capacity is 31.

8 inches, tissue paper capacity is 30 inches.

The project is expected to have a total construction period of 70 months, of which the pulp production line will be put in one time and construction will be completed within three years (expected 2022); the paper production line will be constructed in three phases with 10 outputs per phase (expected 2022?
2024 10 tons per year)).

The total investment of the project is 40.

8.7 billion (own capital, bank borrowings and legal and effective financing methods), with an estimated annual income of 30 after the project is completed.

30,000 yuan (including tax), profit after tax is 2.

1.7 billion with a payback period of 12.

04 years (including construction period).

The “Sun” brand was launched to sell bamboo pulp tissue paper, and the product line was expanded to expand market share.

The company will use the “Sun” brand to sell bamboo pulp tissue paper, which will further extend the company’s product line.

In the past, the company mainly sold mid-to-high-end tissue paper series and used imported wood pulp as raw materials.

It is expected that the company’s newly launched bamboo pulp tissue paper will mainly target the mass market and the company’s product matrix will be perfect.

The sales price of bamboo pulp tissue paper is expected to increase, but in addition to self-produced bamboo pulp, the gross profit margin of new products is not expected to further reduce the company’s internal mid- to high-end products and the net profit margin of new projects.

2%, close to the company’s current net interest rate of about 8%.

In the 18-year tissue paper industry, CR4 was close to 35%, and most 上海夜网论坛 of the rest of the market was replaced by small and medium capacity.

The company’s bamboo pulp and paper integration project has the advantage of cost. At the same time, relying on the company’s brand influence, it will greatly seize the internal small and medium capacity market, bringing new revenue and profit growth points for the company.

Event 2: The second employee stock ownership plan was launched.

The company launched the second phase of the employee stock ownership plan, with a total number of participants not exceeding 80, of which 9 were directors and supervisors of the company, and the repurchase price was 8.

08 yuan / share, the maximum fund size at the time of establishment is 50 million yuan, the upper limit is 50 million shares.

Among them, there are 9 directors and senior managers, with a total 北京夜网 subscription of 28 million shares, which is expected to account for 56% of the employee’s shareholding plan. Other employees are expected to not exceed 71 people, and total subscription expenses are expected to not exceed 22 million.The proportion of the employee’s total shareholding plan is expected to be 44%, which is tied to core leaders, and the company is united.

Deng’s father and son are expected to subscribe for 27% of the total shares in this employee share plan, and Liu Jinfeng, the deputy general manager, subscribes for 6%. Zhou Qichao, the director, and Dongying, the financial director, subscribe for 6% / 2%, respectively. The three newly appointed deputy general managers, Dai Zhenji/ Yue Yong / Ye Longfang respectively subscribed for 6% / 6% / 3%.

This employee shareholding plan is deeply tied to the company’s core leadership, and the company’s unification will be conducive to the company’s long-term development in the future.

The layout of the channel network has continued to improve, with higher growth attributes.

The company accelerates the layout of its outlets through the four major channels of GT + EC + KA + AFH. The company has achieved rapid growth by relying on dealer expansion 15 years ago, of which the sales channel revenue from commercial sales only accounted for about 5% last year (2.

700 million vs Vinda sales revenue12.

800 million, accounting for 14%), facing the domestic market space of nearly 30 billion, the current concentration is still low, the company can still expand space.

Dealer channels, as of the end of 18 years, has reached 1791 counties and cities (surpassed the target), the number of dealers increased by 256, and the target of 2019 is to add 500 counties and cities.

The company’s e-commerce channel has experienced strong growth, and relying on online channels is expected to accelerate the increase in city share.

In terms of production capacity, Hubei is expected to increase its production capacity by 10 tons in 19 years, Tangshan will increase its production capacity by 5 and its total production capacity will reach 81 tons in the future. It is expected to maintain a sales growth of 18%.

New product categories were expanded and product structure continued to be optimized.

The company’s main business is tissue paper. In 18 years, it launched a new personal care cotton wipes. In June, the sanitary napkin products were launched online.

The size of the sanitary napkin market has reached 40 billion. The company has channel and brand advantages, and the new business is expected to bring new growth points.

Face + Lotion + Natural Wood are the three high-margin products promoted by the company. In 19Q1, the revenue share increased to more than 65% (vs. 18 years’ share 63).

4%), in which the growth rate of emulsion revenue has reached over 100%, which has been the focus of the company’s development in 19 years, and the company is still developing other high-margin products. In the future, through adjustment of the product structure, the single-ton reduction will still improve.

The cost-side pressure continued to ease, the product structure was high-end, the omni-channel layout was further improved, the endogenous growth momentum was maintained, and the “Buy” rating was maintained.

It is estimated that the net profit in 19-21 will be 5 respectively.

800 million, 35 per year.

0% / 20.

2% / 17.

5%, corresponding to PE 26.

2X / 21.

8X / 18.

5 times.

Risk reminder: Uncertainty of the government approval of the bamboo pulp and paper project, uncertainty of fund raising, uncertainty of the implementation of the shareholding plan, risk of fluctuations in raw material prices, new product sales being less than expected risks, and channel expansion less than expected risks

Anzheng Fashion (603839): Stable main business of apparel business, promising e-commerce operation

Anzheng Fashion (603839): Stable main business of apparel business, promising e-commerce operation

Investment Highlights: Maintain Overweight Rating: Maintain 2019 EPS of 0.



20 yuan, referring to comparable peers, giving about 17 times PE in 2019, raising the target price to 15.

81 yuan.

  Lishang Information consolidated the profits, and clothing was still mainly focused on optimizing the channel structure.

Q1-Q3 company revenue 17.

9.1 billion (+ 54% YoY).

13%), net profit attributable to mother 2.

7.8 billion, an increase of 12.

55%, performance is in line with expectations.

Clothing revenue 11.

7.2 billion, unchanged from the same period last year, mainly driven by the growth of major brands.

In the first three quarters, Qizi’s revenue increased by 6.

61%, Q3 growth has improved.

Other brands were affected by channel adjustments, and their revenue declined.

The total number of stores at the end of the period was 917, a decrease of 56 earlier. It is mainly optimized for new brands and is expected to stabilize by the end of the year.

Li Shang information realized income 6.

1.4 billion, continuing the high growth trend in the first half of the year, with a growth rate of about 20%.

  The main gross profit margin remained stable and cash flow improved.

The company’s gross sales margin decreased by 13 year-on-year.

76pct to 53.

86%, mainly due to consolidated e-commerce operation gross margin quota.

The gross profit margin of clothing was basically the same as the same period of last year.

Period ending inventory 10.

7.3 billion (+61 year-on-year.

65%), due to the consolidation of information on gifts and advances, and 深圳桑拿网 the preparation of advance preparations for Double 11.

Due to the increase in clothing sales and the consolidation of gift information, the cash flow at the end of the period was 49.4 million, an annual increase of 324.


  Apparel is expected to stabilize in the end, and new retail transformation will add vitality.

We believe that the company’s adjustment of the new clothing brand is expected to stabilize by the end of the year. The decline in revenue of the new brand in Q3 has narrowed significantly, and the gross profit margin has remained stable.

Lishang Information operates more than 20 well-known brands at home and abroad, with stable growth. It will transform traditional brand enterprises with offline stores as its core and transform them into new retail companies that integrate online and offline services, laying a 北京夜网 foundation for long-term development.

  Risk warning: clothing consumption is less than expected, brand adjustments, and online sales are less than expected.

Relaxed skin, yellowing and moisture

Skin sagging, yellowing, and moisture

Click to buy Everyone should be alert if you find that your skin is slack and your face is yellowing. This may be a sign of excessive moisture in the body. How can you tell if you have heavy moisture and how to get rid of it by diet?

Let’s take a look at it, so that you can maintain your health.

  How to tell if you are wet?

  1. The temper is particularly emotional, and the temper is very difficult to control. The self-perceived self-cultivation is not good, and the self-blame is strong after the anger. In fact, this is also a sign of spleen deficiency.

  2. Swelling. Eyes swell up in the morning and the body is inexplicably swollen.

It looks as if he is over ten kilos fat.

In fact, edema and edema are caused by spleen deficiency and the water in the body cannot be successfully converted into body fluids, which cannot be ruled out in time.

  3, low tolerance, cold resistance in winter, intolerance in summer, often in a state of low blood pressure, easy constipation or long-term stool does not form, easy to get sick when encountering wind and grass movement, feel sleepy after eating.

  4. Slack skin is loose and lacks elasticity.

The spleen is in the main muscle of the body, and the temper is natural and firm.

A fragile person usually has loose skin.

  5, dull skin is yellow, dull, and becomes a veritable “yellow face woman”.

  6, back pain, seizures, dizziness, these are actually mostly symptoms of spleen deficiency and wetness.

Because of the weakness of the spleen, the metabolism of water is slow, and the water in the body accumulates in some parts of the body during sleep, causing compression and pain.

Many people’s lumbar pain is not the cause of bones, but more likely to be tenderness caused by water.

  7, worrying because of the troubled heart, or worry, worry about things, like Lin Daiyu, every day worrying about sorrow, sighing.

Some people do n’t think about tea, they do n’t want to eat rice, and it ‘s difficult to digest even if they eat. Some people also overeating, which can cause damage to the spleen.

  8. Weak self feels weak, weak, easily fatigued, can’t keep up the spirit, has bad appetite, it is difficult to digest something.

  9, boring to get up early in the morning, sleep for 8 hours, still feel sleepy, strong spirits still do not feel enough sleep after getting up.

  10. Sleep quality Poor sleep quality and light sleep.

Dreams are easy to wake up at night, and I can’t get up happily in the morning.

  What is good for women with heavy moisture1. Women who are wet and heavy can eat sweets properly, but need more healthy sweets to enter the spleen. Sweet foods have good health effects on the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, eating a moderate amount of sweet food not only supplements the spleen, but also brings us a sense of joy.

And if a person is in a good mood, her digestive and absorption system will become better.

  2. Wet heavy women can eat fruit but don’t be greedy. Now many women use fruits instead of staple food for a long time to lose weight. They even hardly eat any other food, which is very unhealthy.

Because the most supportive is actually grains and cereals, too many fruits are cold, such as watermelon, pear, banana and so on.

Women with wet and spleen deficiency should not eat too many fruits. If they eat, they should also eat fruits such as peaches, apples, citrus, apricots, plums, etc., which have less damage to the spleen and stomach.

Furthermore, it may be beneficial to eat the fruit after it is cooked.

  3. Wet heavy women who eat meat should pay more attention to their choices when eating meat.

Wet women should usually eat cold foods such as sashimi, shrimp, and crab.

  4, choose the right staple food, more wet and wet women as soon as possible to add wet weight perfusion Chinese medicine believes: hot noodles cold.

People with a bad spleen and stomach should usually use pasta as their main staple food, especially batter, such as steamed bread and bread, which are better choices to nourish the spleen and stomach than rice.

  I hope everyone can take care of their body when the humidity is heavy, and wish everyone good health.

Man monologue: I betrayed but not divorced

Man monologue: I betrayed but not divorced

Men can often tolerate women’s betrayal, but they cannot tolerate women’s physical betrayal; women can often tolerate men’s physical betrayal, but they cannot tolerate men’s betrayal.Monologue: I betrayed, but I don’t want my divorced wife to talk to me about divorce, because I brought my girlfriend I met online back home.

  My betrayal was premeditated. Time allowed marriage to be dull. I strongly hope that the love that is released is always rejected by my wife. I expect to find a breakthrough. I betrayed, but I really do not want to divorce.

  Who doesn’t want a warm and comfortable family, and who cares for a gentle and virtuous wife who still wants to have extravagance?

I want to be a normal psychological and physiological man think that the idea of divorce will never germinate easily!

  Now that I am on the verge of divorce, the fuse is on my side, but who is playing a role in fueling the ordinary life behind me?

There is no doubt my wife.

In my wife’s eyes, everything I maintained lacked correctness, which made her unsatisfactory.

My derailment was not a temporary impulse, let alone a physical temptation, but a derailment that was prepared and planned.

I want to use derailment to shock a dead marriage, so that my wife has a new understanding and a new attitude towards me.

Maybe this way looks cruel, but I do n’t think it ‘s despicable. I did n’t feel so guilty about myself because of my extramarital affairs. Instead, I felt that there was still such a beautiful and beautiful one in my own real life.Bright glow.

  It’s not her appearance that keeps attracting me.

To be honest, the proportion of her looks to my wife’s looks is exactly like the inequality in mathematics.

Her temptation to me comes from her multifaceted and profound knowledge, and her unique way of looking at things.

  Happiness sometimes makes me forget about the existence of marriage, but subconsciously tells me that marriage does exist. I am contradictory in happiness and worry about it while forgetting why.

  Later, due to work reasons, she wanted to work outside the country for a long time. After hearing the news, she felt an indescribable feeling. Was it pain or surprise?

I can’t say for myself, the pain and joy also stem from her temporary departure.

  Just after watching the plane go, I went to my wife’s house abruptly.

  Facing the wife who was in tears, and the trust and forgiveness of my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, I felt that the so-called true love thought that I had been pursuing in my inner world collapsed in an instant.

During that sensitive period, while consoling my wife home, I was busy answering my girlfriend’s phone call, and the relationship between love and affection coexisted in this way.

I hate lies, but sometimes they can really find countless reasons to save myself.

The first round trip was out of chasing love, but the current round trip was out of need of his wife.

Habitual love makes me persist in this marriage. The reason why I have persisted in this marriage is just like smokers cannot leave tobacco, and drug addicts cannot do without drugs. I cannot do without my wife. This includesMy habitual love for her.

  In fact, whether you are married or divorced is a self-choice, no one will force you behind the scenes.

“Happy is together, sad is scattered”, but when this choice is really made, I don’t know how many people will stop!

  I don’t think that when there is a dispute between husband and wife, we will always use the weapon of divorce to threaten the other party, because all our efforts are in the name of love.

I can betray because I can give something new, and it is enjoyment for a man. This is also my wish to express my wife while not wanting to divorce.

Expert analysis: what are men looking for in extramarital affairs?

  Why are men so happy and at risk, playing this balancing game?

There are five common psychological factors.

First, look for youth.

  People usually think that only women care about their age, because they are keen to cover up the traces of time through makeup, clothing and exercise.

In fact, men still care whether they are still young, energetic and attractive. These things are also a competitive capital for men.

It’s just that their desire for eternal youth is more secretive and long-term than that of women.

Why do the right men find young and beautiful lover?

They want to prove through this incident that they are still attractive and should not be underestimated.

Second, find identity.

  Usually only those rich men can find lovers. In the eyes of some people, lovers become status, part of the symbol, just like villas, famous cars, brand-name clothing, beautiful lovers seem to have live advertisements for identity men.
An ordinary employee of a junior company does not have a high income, but since he has a lover, he finds that even the manager seems to choose another one for himself.Men are far more socialized than women, and are more affected by the environment and popular concepts than women.

Third, find the mood.

  Many men are outstanding. The reason why they fall in love with their lover is because she is gentler, more beautiful and caring than her wife, so they are looking for a better woman.

In fact, what men look for in their lover is different from his wife’s femininity, style, and style. They like their partner to have a sense of mystery and seductiveness, and because the wife has lived together for a long time, they are quite familiar with each other.To their psychological needs.

Fourth, find sexual satisfaction.

  It is undeniable that sexual gratification is the biggest “harvest” of men in extramarital affairs. Most extramarital affairs, in essence, have the nature of sexual transactions.

Men with normal sexual lives treat extramarital affairs as strange, and men who are dissatisfied with sexual life transfer and vent their sexuality through extramarital affairs.

Fifth, find feelings.

  There must be some men who make their lover a better marriage partner, but some people have a relatively small proportion.

Behind the life-and-death relationship of extramarital affairs, there are quite complicated emotional backgrounds. Such an affair leads to a very high proportion of divorces.

  For the derailed man, although he said that betrayal was because of the new giving and the enjoyment for the man, in fact it was still a habit and dependence that led him not to divorce.

Who doesn’t want to have both bear’s paw and shark fin?

Maybe he has become accustomed to his wife to take care of his diet and life, has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, he just hopes to get some stimulation outside of comfort, some “vigor”.

This habit is more of a pleasure than a giving.

So this man has forgotten the obligation to marry, but just hopes to continue the rights and benefits of copyright marriage.

Yoga can slim down and make skin younger

Yoga can slim down and make skin younger


Yoga can alleviate low back pain-Correct research has shown that yoga can alleviate pain. The “Medical Yearbook of Internal Medicine” mentions that yoga is even more effective than traditional exercise in alleviating low back pain.


Yoga can lose weight-The correct degree of yoga weight loss depends on how often you do yoga and your diet, which is a must.

  Of course, it also tends to be sporty-it must be Ashtanga Yoga, also known as Power Yoga.

In proportion to the form of meditation yoga, power yoga can burn more variables and help you shape the muscle curve, resulting in more amplitude of burning.


Yoga can cure high blood pressure-mistakes Many rehabilitation patients think that doing certain types of breathing techniques can help them alleviate symptoms.

  But research published in the medical journal Thorax suggests that yoga complete breathing is not one of them.

Several participants installed testers on their bodies to allow them to mimic breathing techniques, but as a result, their pain symptoms were not alleviated.


Yoga makes your skin look younger-wrong. You may have seen this statement many times. Yoga can make your skin better, but in fact, although yoga can relax your skin and muscles, it can not improve you.Skin condition.


Yoga can relieve carpal tunnel pain-A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that yoga regimen can help alleviate pain and increase grip in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

  After reading the above points, is there any difference from the yoga knowledge you have learned before?

In fact, no matter what kind of exercise you choose, as long as the appropriate amount is appropriate, it will definitely bring some aspects of defects to the body.

So, exercise for your own good health!

White-collar first fitness exercises

White-collar first fitness exercises

The movement of the hands intertwined the ten fingers, calming down and exhaling deeply.

Extend your arms straight, exhale, and use extra force.

Repeat 3?
4 times.

The palm of the left hand is down, the thumb of the right hand is extended to the left wrist, and the other four fingers are used to press down the left thumb and exhale.

Do it again and then change hands.

With the palm of your left hand facing up, keep your fingers straight, press your little finger down, and exhale.

Turn your wrist, clockwise and counterclockwise each 5?
10 times.

Swing your hands and relax.

  The distal and shoulder movements are held with fingers crossed behind the head, the weight is inserted into the hands and arms, the head is pressed down, the neck is straightened, and the breath is deep 5 times.

Insert your right hand into your left ear and gently hook your head so that your head is seriously to the right. Breathe deeply for 5 times. Repeat the exercise with your left hand several times.

Slowly rotate the coaxial, clockwise and counterclockwise five times each.

Raise the baseline, exhale and lower, repeat 4?
5 times.

Shake the front end 5 times forward and 5 times forward.

Look to the right and back, repeat 3?
5 times, then proceed in the opposite direction.

Sit back and relax with your arms flat on your knees, then raise your head and chest, and exercise 3?
5 times.

  The movements of the feet and feet will bend the legs and lift them parallel to the chest. Lift and lower them 5 times each to make you feel more comfortable.

Turn your feet clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Put your toes together, bend upwards, straighten downwards alternately 5 times.

Keep your feet flat on the ground and change your feet. Repeat the exercise 20?
30 times.

  For finger and hand movements, insert the top of your head with your fingertips and shift up and down (tap lightly).

Use your fingertips to gently massage from your temples to your chin.

Hold your upper eyelid with your forefinger and thumb, and pull repeatedly.

Initial cheek bone massage to the eyes.

Massage from the side of the nostril to the jaw, and then return to the original point.

Massage your jaw downwards.

Rotate the lower jaw 5 times each.

Stretch your nose and palm for whole body exercise 5 times in each direction.

Press and hold the ear bone up, down, and pull 3 times longer, then turn forward 3 times.

Mental Single

Mental Single

Marriage is happy, and single is comfortable.

Think about it before, but now take action.

A more transparent, more frank, easier, and more free marriage relationship is becoming more and more popular among the younger generation, and that is, they can also be single and free after marriage.

The two love each other, but each lives spiritually. This is the highest state of marriage.

Don’t say that young people yearn for even middle-aged people.

  Today’s couple.

There is no need to use superficial harmony to cover up internal alienation, and any problems in marriage can be faced and solved together transparently.

There is no need to be suspicious, you can rest assured that what you see and what you feel is true.

Expecting long-lasting beauty, but also agreeing with the unknowability of the future.

So we do n’t make eternal promises. If one day love becomes indifferent or far away, they will get together and start a new relationship, and the respect for life will be reflected here.

  Take good care of the child, but do not protect him, because she knows better that the child always grows up and is independent.

She wo n’t be slapped by her child, covering her face with a few slaps, and squeezing a smiley face, saying that the baby is hitting enough, will not bring back a gift because it is a memorial day, and will not arrange a romantic date for two because of children, Will not stop watching movies, bubble bars with friends of the opposite sex because of fear of misunderstanding, and will not even refuse the attraction of the opposite sex, but prefer to test the quality and temperature of marriage in this attraction.

She loves her family and herself.

Because we love each other, we accept and tolerate each other, and the split of personality is not a problem.

She likes shopping, he doesn’t like it, she can find someone to accompany him; he likes football and track and field, she doesn’t like it, so he can scream in the living room, and she can read a book quietly in the bedroom.

He spends money like running water. She loves bargaining. It doesn’t matter. Each purse manages it. They only appreciate and praise the results after spending money.

  Spiritual singleness is not unreasonable and solitary, nor is it feminism that is precarious.

It is a state: there is always a small world in its heart, always adjusting itself, balancing itself, and rebuilding itself.

We know that many celebrities are masters of spiritual singles, and we know that too many white-collar workers are working hard in this area.