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Wudang Ba Duan Jin, the most cute health transceiver, fast collection!

Wudang Ba Duan Jin, the most cute health transceiver, fast collection!

The eight-segment Jingong method is an independent and complete fitness exercise. This exercise is divided into eight sections, each of which is an action. It is called “eight-section Jin”. It does not require equipment, and is not subject to site limitations. It is easy to learn and saves time.The effect is extremely significant; the effect is suitable for men, women and children, which can make the thin person strong and lose weight.


Undertake the action of the upper section, the left foot is a big step upwards, and the erect posture is open, the hands are lightly clenched, the fists are backward, the tiger’s mouth is inward, the natural arm is lowered, and the second eye is in front of the health care.2.

Hands clasped into a vertical fist (fist heart inward, tiger mouth up), raised to the chest, arms raised health and massage Song Dynasty China eight Duan Jin 3.

左手作手诀(拇指,食二指成八字掌,其余三指蜷曲),右手仍保持竖拳,上身直立下沉,屈膝蹲成马步桩,头略左转,注视上方方养生推拿宋朝 中国八Duan Jin 4.

Push your left hand to the left until the arms are straight and look at the tip of your index finger.

At the same time, the right hand is about to pull to the front of the right arm, the fist heart is inward, the elbow arm is raised and the health is massaged and the Song Dynasty China Ba Duanjin 5.

The left hand clenched the fist, turned the wrist, and became the fist heart to the right health to massage the Song Dynasty Chinese eight Duan Jin 6.

When the left fist slowly pulled back to the left chest, the right fist was slightly pleated, the two fists were opposite to the chest, the two fists were about the two breasts, the head and neck turned positive, and the gaze contained the health massage. The Song Dynasty Chinese Ba Duan Jin health push宋朝中国 八段锦养生,推拿,宋朝,中国,八段锦,古法,